Chapter 9- The Horse's Diary

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Haru's POV

   "Hey guys." I whisper, motioning over Yuki and Kyo. "What?" Kyo asked, looking nervous. "I grabbed this on my way out." I pulled a small notebook out from under my shirt. "What the hell is that?" Kyo demanded. I shook my head and ran my hand through my curly white hair. "You never really paid attention at the main house, huh? It's one of her stories. She's always talking about them, but she never let me read them!" "So, you're reading it now?" Yuki asked. "She'll be pissed." "Yeah, but I'll die if I don't read one of these." Yuki shrugged, "Okay, you can continue with this huge invasion of her privacy." And he walked away.

   "So," Kyo asked. "Are you reading it?" I looked at him. "Hell yeah." He took the notebook and flipped a few pages in. "Oh....... sh-t." He muttered. "Haru, this is her diary!" I looked at him. "It is?" "Yeah, it got little doodles in it and everything." I scratched the back of my neck. "So, are we gonna-" "Yeah we're gonna read it!"

Dear diary,

   Today, Akito told me not to leave the house. I couldn't really understand why. It's not like I'd die or something. One thing I hate about myself is that I look like a girl version of Akito. I have fine black hair and the stony eyes. I hate that I was cursed with the horse's spirit! I hate Akito the most. He hates all of us. Why don't I deserve to hate him back?!

   Well, I was writing my story, and it was hot, so I opened the window. Haru came in and smiled at me when he found out I was writing. I love his smile. I love hearing his voice. I love him. I love everything about him. His two-toned hair. His eyes. His necklaces. He still wears the cross pendant I made him in 2nd grade. 7 years later, I've never seen him without it. 

   I heard Kyo chuckle and felt my pale skin heat up. "Haru?" Kyo asked, a smirk in his voice. "Are you blushing?" I look away. "N-no!" "Oh my God! You like her!" He cheered. "WHAT?! NO!!!" "YEAH YOU DO!!!! YOU JUST TURNED ABOUT 30 DIFFERENT SHADES OF RED!!!!" "ARE WE READING OR NOT?!" I asked, irritated. "Okay, loverboy!" "STOP!" I snapped.

   He begged me to read him my story. I wouldn't though. If he read it, he would figure out that the boy that my female character fell for was loosely based on him. I would never live that down! Talk about embarrassing! So after he realized he wouldn't get a word out of me, he left. But the slam and the breeze blew on my paper and it went out the window. I worked on my latest chapter for 2 solid hours. So, forgetting Akito's wishes, I ran to revive them. Lucky for me, I revived them. Unfortunately, my luck ran out. I suddenly heard a voice from the window. "Oh, Akemi, you were never good at listening." I felt goosebumps go down my neck as I turned around to see Akito glaring at me. "Get inside. Now!" he demanded. I scurried inside and into his room. I clutched on my papers as I kneeled. He grabbed the papers and I yelped. He read the first few sentences and burst out laughing. "Ha! What crap is this?!" He grabbed my papers and tore them to shreds. I swolled a gasp. 2 fricken solid hours! Down the drain. I closed my eyes and he turned serious.

 "Akemi, I thought I told you, stay INSIDE the house!" Akito said in a voice that sent shivers up my spine. "I'm sorry, my paper's flew out by the wind, I was trying to retreive them an-" "But I TOLD YOU TO STAY INSIDE!" I kneeled and was bowing. "I'm sorry, try to-" Before I can stay anything, I felt a plunge in my stomach that caused me to fall to the ground, which was followed by intense kicks in the side. I began breathing heavily, and when I finally regained my breathing, I realized that Akito attacked me. I didn't do anything to stop him. Let him get it out of his system. He grabbed my arms and gave me indian burns, and he cuts my arms with shards of glass. "AKITO! " I heard Hatori yell. I look up at Hatori and coughed up blood. It seemed to have clots and clumps of stuff in it. Lovely. "What's wrong, Hatori? Planning to lose another eye?" I was coughing up blood and clutching my stomach, trying to breathe. Akito grabbed my hair and pulled my face close to his. I was debating if I should cough, right on his face..... but, no. I'd be beaten even worse. "I'll let the girl go." He shoved me and I flew to the adjacent wall that he was leaning against. A good 8 feet. "GET OUT!!" Akito yelled. I scrambled to my feet and quickly limped out of the room. I fell in the hall. Hatori picked me up and carried my to the office. He bandaged me up. The worst was the bruises on my ribcage.

   I covered my mouth. "I knew she was abused, but i didn't know it was that bad!" Kyo's head snapped up. "Wait, you knew about this." "Yeah." I answer lamely. "So did Hatori."

   After a while, I heard a knock on my door. I was laying in my bed, facing the wall. "It's open," I say, flatly. Haru opens the door, softly, and closes it just as carefully."Akemi...." I heard Hatsuharu say. "Are you okay? You aren't looking too well." I turn and I see his gray eyes looking at me concerningly. I choke back tears. "Uhm, yeah.... I'm okay......." Haru walked over and sat on my bed. "No, you're not." I bit my lip so hard, it began bleeding a little. "Seriously, Haru." I say, "I'm okay." He put his arm around me, and lifted my chin so I was looking into his eyes. "Did Akito hurt you again?" I sighed, and relunctantly pulled back my long sleeve of my sweatshirt to reveal a ton of bandages and bruises. "Yes. And that's not all of it." Haru suddenly looked angry and shot up. "I'm done! That bastard hurts us all, abuses us, because we don't listen to him. He's abusing his power. He's head of the family. Apparently, he can destroy our lives! He's gonna get it." Here comes black Haru..... "Wait!!!!" I yell, grabbing his hand. He turned and looked at me, shocked. "Ake....." I grabbed him and hugged him. "Please don't. I dont want you to get hurt! Just please. Hatori took care of me. He said he's planning something so I won't get hurt." "Okay....", he said reluntantly.

    So Haru didn't do anything I knew he'd regret. He left his room after a little while. Then Momiji came in. He didn't know anything about it, which made me feel better. Blondie sat on the corner of my bed. "Hey, Akemi,I wanted to ask if you wanted to play with me?" I smiled at the boy. "What did you have in mind?" I mused. "Uhm.... wanna play.........." I began sitting up but then i cringed and held my side. "Hey! Are you okay?" Momiji asked. "Yeah, I'm just-" I winced. "Do you have menstrual cramps or something." I was about to say something (how did he know about that stuff?) but I saw this as a oppritunity. "Yeah. I forgot. Hatori wanted me to stay in bed until dinner." "Oh." Momiji nodded. "I understand." Then he left and I sighed in relief. At dinner, i remained completely silent and I looked pretty depressed. That's me, 24/7. It gets a lot of pity, which I hate. But giggly, perky, happy-go-lucky girl, that's just not me. People noticed I wasn't eating much, so to get them to leave me alone, I ate some of the dinner. Then I was on my way upstairs, but I guess Akito knows our footsteps because he asked me to stop. I shakily opened the door. I could still see my blood stain on the floor. I saw him smirk. "See you tomorrow." I just nodded and ran upstairs as fast as I could.

   I flipped a few more pages. They were blank. "This was her latest entry." "Oh." Kyo mumbled, confusion, pity, and disgust on his face. "Imagine," I say, "going through that. Everyday." "I'm the cat." Kyo said. "And my life is easier."

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