7.3. Grumpy Affections

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Guys here are few random past chunks of Tehreem and Hussain.

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Chapter # 7.3

Samra's POV

Jan le k qismat mein bate hen rahon mein kanten

Or mein bhi zidi yahan qismat k aare

Na rokey rukoon

Tu gira mein uthoon

Pinjirey torr ker phelaoon ga mein per

Tujh mein jitna hea zor tu laga le mager

Hans k katt jaye ga na jhu....

"Uffff! Ya Rabb! band ker dey ye awazen" Tehreem smacked both her palms firm over her ears making me look up at her direction; her eyes were tightly shut and knees bent into her tummy. I knew I shouldn't have but her condition made me chuckle at her.

Hussain was jamming hard in his room I guess his favorite sport; dance like a maniac.

And being his room directly attached with ours made things worst for Tehreem. Poor she! Pata nai shadi k bad kesey rahen ge ye dono sath?

I was thinking when she looked at me getting up from the bed, her expressions disturbed.

"Go and ask him to stop all this Samra!"

"Why don't you go and do the honors?" I suggested with a smile and she helplessly sat back while the sounds from the other side of the wall continued to embark.

"her roz meri minatein kerne se behter hea ek bar ja ker khud he mana ker do apne un ko. Maybe he listens to you" I stated mischievously and Tehreem glared at me while grumpily tying her hair up in a bun and grabbed her duppatta.

"OMG!!! Don't tell me you are actually going to Hussain's room" I asked mockingly but my smirk faded as she shot me daggers.

But then her expressions changed, turned from anger to helplessness her dupatta fell down in her feet as se dragged herself towards me and squatted down.

"Samra! Rabb ka wasta tumhen. Go and ask him to at least slow down the volume. I cant understand how can he bare such loud noise" she held my arm pleading and I heaved up a sigh.

Ja to mein sakti hoon mager I won't.

"He won't listen to me Tehreem! Trust me tum kaho gi to foran maan jaye ga" I insisted and she pouted. "and don't you think he needs a good piece of word on all this shor sharaba? Go and tell him its wrong, girl!" I tried to coax her and felt her expressions turned into thoughtful one and I mentally smirked.

"But why would I tell him? he isn't a kid anymore. He knows what is right and what is not" Tehreem stated ignoring my persuasion and got up looking away from me.

"to phir suno sari rat ye taraney. Coz I don't have any issue you know" I patted her cheek as I got up from the chair and placed my laptop back on the table ignoring her frown I walked towards my bed.

"But Samra!...

"Tehreem! Yar stop counting everything on the fingertips of haram halal and gunah sawab." I cut her through seriously and her frown went a little deeper.

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