Anime prank calls! ~Naruto~ Sakura Haruno!

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(Okay now just so you know, all of these prank calls are just for fun so no flames and if you do I'll just ignore them x3 And I don't own any of the naruto characters here, They all belong to Masahi Kishimoto and I own myself and Mikki Belongs to windgirl13 on quizilla)

Me: *Sitting in my room, bored out of my mind!* Man I'm bored!

Mikki: We could put more pictures of the Colonel from the christmas party on the internet. ^^

Me: Nah, he still has'nt recovered form the last time. *Points at Roy, in his depressed corner* I have an idea! Let's prank call someone! ^^

Mikki: Alright. But who?

Me: Let's get Sakura! She gets on my nerves!

Mikki: Okay, Sure! 

Me: *Dials Sakura's number*

Sakura: Hello?

Mikki: (In Sasuke voice): Hi Sakura.

Sakura: Hi Sasuke-Kun! ^^

Mikki: Don't call me that. -_-'

Sakura: Ok! What's up? Did you call to ask me out? OuO

Mikki: No. I called to tell you that I'm pregnant.

Sakura: Oh my god! You mean the one night stand we had got me-

Mikki: No. -_-

Sakura: Don't tell me that Ino-Pig is-

Mikki: No.

Sakura: Is it that Karin girl who-

Mikki: Will you shut up and let me talk?! >.<

Sakura: Sorry. ^^"

Mikki: I'm pregnant. I'm going to have a baby Sakura. I had my sex organs changed. *Pulls phone away from ear*


Me and Mikki: *Laughing quietly*

Sakura: *Wakes up* Wait! If you're pregnant, then who's the father?

Me (Naruto voice): I am! ^^

Sakura: Naruto?!?! you're the father? You got my Sasuke pregnant?! O.O

Me: He's MY Sasuke! And our baby is due any minute!

Mikki: Oh! Honey! It's here! *Starts moaning and groaning*

Me: Sakura! We're gonna have the baby at your house!

Sakura: WHAT?! O.O

Mikki: Ugh! The baby's coming! *groaning*


Me: Come on honey! Push! * laughs and hangs up the phone*

Me and Mikki: *Laughing hysterically*

Mikki: That was hilarious! XD

Me: I think Sakura isn't going to be able to look at Naruto and Sasuke for a while! XD