Movie Night- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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"Oh my god!" You jumped, grabbing onto Harry’s arm, horrified by the scene you were watching. Harry just laughed at your reaction, knowing it was coming since he’s seen this movie a dozen times. It was your idea to stay in the hotel and watch movies all day on your boyfriend’s day off, but it was Harold’s brilliant idea for one of them to be Paranormal Activity. You didn’t mind scary movies, but this one was seriously freaking you out.

You put your hands in front of your face, deciding that whatever was about to happen next, you’d rather not see. Harry saw how uncomfortable you were and pouted, “Is it bothering you that much, (Y/N)?" He said, feeling guilty that he put you through this. You shake your head, “No, no, it’s almost over anyways… its okay, I can make it." You nod, keeping your face covered though. Harry chuckled, suddenly you were being pulled onto his lap; your legs across his. He pulled you against his body, “I’m here to protect you, I promise no demons will get you as long as I’m here." You giggled and replaced your hands with Harry’s shoulder, still blocking your view.

The movie continued and you looked back at the screen occasionally, just waiting for the movie to end so you could put in a cute cartoon movie and forget all about this one. You stole a glance at Harry, who was no longer watching the screen, but in fact staring down at your bare legs - all you were wearing was one of his t-shirts, with no shorts or anything. It was your pajamas, what did he expect? His fingers slowly tracing patterns on your legs, and you giggled at the contact.

"Like my legs, Styles?" You whispered in his ear, thinking your voice was being playful. “Love ‘em… You can’t wear my clothes around me like this… Especially if you expect me to pay attention to a movie…" Harry’s eyes were completely fixated on your legs, like he was in a trance, hypnotized almost. You shook your head as you giggled, “You gave me this shirt last night, Harold. But I can change if its that much of a distraction for you…" You went to move but Harry’s big hands held you down, “No.", his voice was harsh and you were shocked by it. Harry abruptly turned his head and was kissing you feverishly, his hand caressing your cheek as you returned the kiss.

The kiss was fast-paced, sloppy, wet and hot. Harry never kissed you like this unless he needed you. You moaned into his mouth as his tongue slipped past your lips, moving against your own. Your hands gripped at his bare skin, needing to hold onto him, needing to feel him. He moved both of you so he was on top of you, one leg on each side of his body, grinding his lower body between your legs. He lifted your, well his, shirt off your stomach but left it gathered under your breasts, running his knuckles down your stomach.

You sucked in a breath while arching into his touch, you could feel his lips smirking against yours, ‘smug asshole’ you thought to yourself. When his fingers finally reached their destination, he tucked his fingers into the waistband of your panties, trailing them along the top, causing your stomach to flex. Harry broke the kiss, smirking down at you, before trailing kisses down to your neck and collarbone as he slid his hand across your cotton covered center, moving his fingers in circles, moaning against your neck. You loved how your own arousal made him moan out loud without even being touched himself, it made you feel incredibly sexy.

You whined as his slow pace started to become torture, and dug your hands into his hair, silently begging him to do more. “You want more, love?" Harry’s voice came out husky and raspy, which made your knees weaker than they already were. You whined as response to his question, tugging on his hair harder. You felt him move the fabric of your panties to the side and slip his middle finger inside you, making you moan out loud. He lightly bit down on your neck, suppressing his own groan, “Jesus Christ, you’re so tight."

Harry slowly added another finger as you pushed your hips up against his hand. He pumped his fingers slowly, laying his hand flat so that his palm would make contact with your clit. You whimpered, and felt him smirk again against the skin on your neck. You hated how you have been with Harry for months, almost a year, and you were no where near being used to him… anything about him. His kisses, his hands, his mouth, his manhood. Nothing. He always left you a mess of moans, whimpers and cries when he was done with you, and you wouldn’t of asked for it any other way. You felt slightly embarrassed by how aroused you were for him right now, but the fact that you could feel his hardening length against your leg made you feel less intimidated and more relaxed.

Harry’s pace picked up, becoming hard and fast, relentless almost. He was whispering how bad he wanted you to come on his hand, begging you to let go for him. “Jesus Christ, (Y/N), you’re fucking amazing… shit", the sound of his voice, along with the attack of his hand on your most sensitive area, you soon felt that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach. You squeezed your eyes closed and your mouth hung open as you tried to get a breath. You dug your nails into his biceps, your moans becoming more frantic, more frequent, and much louder. Harry kept whispering words of encouragement in your ear, adding another finger for good measure, knowing it would ultimately be your un-doing.

You felt the tension in your muscles, then the spasm in your thighs, then finally you were coming, so hard that you were gasping and gripping at him more, drowning in your pleasure. He slipped his fingers out of you slowly, gently rubbing your clit, riding out your orgasm. When your legs stopped shaking, letting him know you were finally done, he smiled down at you playfully. “I think we should have movie nights more often." He chuckled as you hit his chest, covering your face with your hands once again, completely drained.

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