Chapter 2: The Golden Room

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Meathil looked at her 9 members, she smiled, joy filled her heart as she moved her right hand giving a slight polite wave for them to come near her. All 8 girls walked toward her, their movement that of warriors. They stopped in front of her and she went down the line shaking the hands of each one. She had never had to contain this much excitement before. Eglanor was the 9th member.

"Now, go have introductions in your new living quarters. You remember that your girls live with you too?"

"Yes, thank you ever so much my queen," She bowed her head and looked to the guards at the either sides of the doors, they signaled for her to come, along with her girls and Eglanor. She walked with grace up until the metal door closed leaving them in the hallway. She finally let go of having to be proper. She went over to every single one of girls in her bracket and wrapped her arms around them. Some of the girls looked shocked by the gesture while others were laughing and smiling.

"This way please, you will be in captains room number five hundred and twenty, along with your bracket," the stiff guard told her, she nodded her head in agreement.

"And you, the informant, you will be staying in the informant room two hundred and thirty."

"Why are there less informants rooms than captains?" Eglanor asked quietly trying not to be rude. The guards looked at him and smirked.

"Because most captains don't have informants, they find them annoying and clingy," she let out a little giggle making him turn his head to her.

"Oh." They walked a long time until they reached Eglanor's room, he left there saying a farewell to her and her bracket. As they moved on she heard whispers from behind her. Did the girls already know each other? She felt like happy for once. She had heard of the different classes of bracket options, girls could only be a small group of things. They could be a captain, like herself, warrior, axe, archer, shield, spear, sword, knife, or mage. She didn't know which of the types she had in her bracket yet. Her older sister had a bracket too, even though she hadn't seen her in a long time, her sister had a bracket of 18 and had multiple of each type. They walked up to a large door that had the royal symbol on it, the door was wooden and had a beautiful engraving on the top part of it.

"This is your room Meathil, please take care and train your bracket well," the guards handed her the metal key that was made of Seronium, a very strong and beautiful metal. The two captains then made their way back to the throne room. Leaving her and her bracket, alone at the room. She looked down at the key in her hand and then back at the door.

Her hand moved the key and placed it in the lock, when she turned it she heard a click and slowly the door opened revealing a beautiful king sized bed in the middle of the room, with silk dark violet covers that matched the color of her ring. The window frames were solid gold and the floors were a beautiful dark red wood. On the walls of the room were bunk beds, in total the amount that could sleep in this room was 21. Obviously they would have a lot of extra room. She stepped inside breathing in the new room smell. This room had never been used. The girls followed her in, but she made a direct b-line to the bathroom which was made of gorgeous crimson colored marble. There was a large bath that was used for everyone at once, that was the way royalty bathed. The faucets were made of gold metal and the bathroom was open to the outside. She could smell the fresh air of the Venus skies, the trees that surrounded the palace, the flowers that were blooming, it was perfect. Everything she had hoped for had come true, she was a captain, had a bracket, and lives in a lavish room.

"Um, miss, we were wondering what you want us to do?" One of the girls asked very politely. The girl had blonde mid length hair that flowed down her back. She realized she hadn't even introduced herself to them yet.

"Oh you don't need formalities with me! I'm Meathil, your captain but you can just call me Meathil, or Mae. Either is fine, you can pick which bunk beds you want," she announced and immediately after she did two of the girls raced towards the bed nearest to the window. One had brown hair and the other blonde, they seemed to be young, she wondered how young?

"Hastel! Pengeth! Please behave yourself!" The same girl yelled at them and the two younger girls immediately stopped wrestling for the top bunk and just figured it out.

"Othes, you don't need to be so bossy," the blonde girl said in a saddened tone. The girl that talked to her first must be Othes. She realized she didn't know the first thing about any of them. As they settled into the bunk beds she looked them over, some of them were more athletic looking, some looked more agile. She couldn't quite pick out all of the types she had but she hoped they were skilled. She was sure they were, they trained just like her, since they were born. As all the girls laid on their beds she moved to the middle of the room where her's was, and started to talk.

"Look, I don't know that much about you guys, but I would love to learn. I want to be your friend not just your captain. So why don't we all just introduce ourselves. Hello, my name is Meathil, I have one sister her name is Camaeneth. She is a captain too, and Eglanor has been my dearest friend for a long time. I just turned sixteen," she told them. A couple of the girls smiled, a couple looked confused, but finally someone said something. Othes spoke first.

"Hello, my name is Othes, and I am placed in position of mage. I am the age of eighteen and I have also been placed as the position of vice captain, so Maethril, I hope we can get along well," the girl smiled and her blue eyes glistened bright. There was a pause of silence before someone else spoke.

"I'll go next, I'm Pengeth! I am an archer, and Hastel here is my best friend. I am fourteen year old and I hope we all get along too!" The girl was blonde with grey eyes, she had pale skin and a slim body. Her hair was in ringlets and had bangs that cut off right above the girls eyes. She looked at the brunette next to her who was also smiling.

"My turn, I'm Hastel, I am fourteen just like Pengeth. I am in the position of axe, and I have been training since I turned one," the young girl had brown hair and blue eyes, her skin was slightly tanned and her hair reached her elbows.

"I guess I'll go. I'm Deigil, I'm sixteen years old and I am placed as a warrior type. I have no siblings and have been training ever since I could walk. I was born with some different abilities but they only show up while I'm in battle," the girl looked around the room, her eyes wandering. Her eyes were so magnificent, one was Amber and the other was yellow like a cats. She had long black hair that reached her butt and nicely lightly tanned skin. Deigil was the same age as herself, but was so much prettier.

"Hi, I'm Hyril, I'm also a warrior type. I am nineteen years old and have been in more than enough battles to know which ones are worth fighting," the girl looked so serious, she had brown hair and black eyes. She looked like a warrior so Meathil understood how she was chosen to be one.

"I'm Hatolel, I am a axe type, um. I don't really know what to talk about, I like to read and I enjoy fighting. I have two brothers, they are currently working as a informants," the girl was blonde with green eyes like Eglanor's. Except her hair was more of a creamy color. Not nearly as golden as Eglanor's. She wondered who her brothers were, maybe she knew them.

"Hello there, I'm Thennil, I am a shield type, I've worked with some of the other captains because my mother was one. She trained me, but I am really excited to be in a bracket of my own. Oh, also I am seventeen," the girl had beautiful wavy cream colored hair, it was almost as long as her own. The girl looked like a princess, but Venus had no princesses right now so that couldn't be possible. Thennil had beautiful blue eyes that looked like a sapphire. She crossed her legs, waiting for someone else to respond. There was only one person left. Meathil moved her eyes to view a girl that looked very similar to herself. They had the same auburn red hair, although the girls was much shorter. The same skin tone too, the only difference was the girl had orangey yellow eyes, like the sunset. Her own eyes were a mix of pink and purple. Then she finally spoke.

"I'm Langeth, I am a warrior type and have no siblings currently, I am fifteen years old and like to play the piano. I am well trained in all weapons, so you can give me anything to use," the girl looked sad, but gave a little smug smile. She smiled back and looked Langeth in the eyes.

"You will be a great addition to my bracket Langeth, raise your head and be proud. Thanks everyone now I know you all, and I really want us to be friends so let's be the best we can be!" She thanked making a smile appear on every girls face. "Let's get to training."

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