Homework Break- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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*Harry’s POV*

I watch her intently for what seems like ages, and she pulls her textbook back to her, reopens it, and, staring at a particular problem, her eyebrows furrow in confusion, and she bites her lip.

Now she’s just trying to tease me, I grumble inwardly, when an idea pops into my head. I move my chair around so that I’m sitting directly behind her and place my hands on her shoulders.

As expected, she tenses and asks warily, “Harry, what are you doing?”

I chuckle and coo soothingly, “it’s a massage, baby. Just relax.” Her body loosens up slightly, and I smile, starting to massage her shoulders gently.

“Oh, wow.” She mumbles, scooting back in her seat so she’s closer to my hands. I begin to feel her body gradually relaxing, and smile triumphantly as she groans in bliss. Gently, I brush her hair all to one side of her neck, and allow my fingertips to graze the back of her neck lightly; in response, small goose bumps arise on her skin, and I stifle a chuckle.

Pretending as if I hadn’t noticed anything, I continue, now beginning to slowly massage her neck. A small moan leaves her lips, and I lick my own hungrily.

“Relax, baby…let me take care of you.” I purr in her ear, and she practically melts into my hands. She tilts her head to the side ever so slightly to allow more access, and I know the battle is as good as won.

“You’re so good at this,” she praises me as I slowly work out the knots in her neck and shoulders.

“Well, y’know, baby,” I begin, making my voice as low as possible as I lean in slightly to her ear, “that’s not the only thing I’m good at.”

“Noo…” She groans defiantly, but I can hear the tiniest tinge of uncertainty, and that’s enough to keep me going. I graze my lips along her newly exposed neck, and a shudder runs down her spine. Reassured by her lack of stronger protest, I press my lips to the back of her neck, kissing and nipping gently. “Shit,” she hisses, and I grin against her skin.

*Your POV*

Harry presses his lips to the back of my neck, kissing my sensitive skin softly, and I fight to remain impassive, but once I feel his teeth scrape along the base of the back of my neck, I lose it, and can’t help but hiss, “Shit.” In response, the cocky little fuck grins against my neck and places a quick, open-mouthed kiss to the same spot before beginning to suck gently on the area, being spurred on further by the unwilling gasps and sighs of pleasure that leave my mouth.

It’s only when his hand wanders to find the delicate skin of my upper thigh that I come to my senses slightly, finally managing to choke out a frustrated, “Harry…”

To my surprise—and dismay, he lets out an animalistic grumble and growls exasperatedly, “God damn it, (Y/N), can you just give in already?”

I shake my head insistently, and he sucks his teeth and moves to the other side of my neck, moving my hair out of the way hurriedly as he begins to run lingering, sensuous kisses up and down the curve of my neck, nipping occasionally when he reaches my jaw, collarbone, or any particular part of my neck.

“I have—shit—I have homework to do,” I remind him weakly, my eyelids slowly shutting against my will.

“You’re smart, (Y/N); you can finish it later,” he assures me, and it takes every amount of strength I have to not fall for his persuasive tone. Not skipping a beat, he pushes my shirtsleeve off of my shoulder, his large hand cupping both my shoulder and the bunched up fabric of my sleeve as he kisses the crook of my neck leisurely. To my frustration, a moan escapes me, and I grit my teeth, annoyed with myself.

“C’mon, baby,” he coaxes, chuckling as the hand on my thigh begins to move up and down, slowly caressing my gradually heating skin.

“It’s a lot of homework,” I try desperately.

“I don’t care,” he informs me without skipping a beat in his kisses, the hypnotic rhythm driving me wild.

“But—“ I start.

“(Y/N).” He orders, and I fall silent at once.

“Yes?” I answer meekly, dreading what he’s going to say next.

“Shut up.” The authoritative tone in his voice is so palpable that I obey, my tongue tying itself into a knot at his words.

“Oh.” I choke out, and he turns my head to the side so that we’re face to face.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day, baby.” He purrs huskily, and it’s all I can do not to cry out.

“Yeah?” I whisper, and he nods, his jade green irises almost entirely swallowed up by the unashamedly hungry black of his rapidly dilating pupils. “Yeah,” he confirms, and his throaty voice is all the confirmation I need.

“I’ve been thinking about kissing you all day.” He informs me softly, leaning in, and I assume my eyes reveal my intentions to move away, because he says, in a voice so gentle that it doesn’t initially register in my mind as a command, “you’re not going to move away from me, (Y/N).”

My breath catches in my throat, and I nod, lost for words. He gives me a small smirk and leans in, allowing his lips to hover over mine for a tantalizingly long period of time.

Kiss me already, damn it.

As if hearing my thoughts, he smirks and instead moves back behind me and kisses my jaw. My body finally giving in to him, my head lolls back onto his shoulder, and his hands instantly move to cup my breasts firmly but not roughly, although he does squeeze reflexively once a harsh gasp leaves my lips at the sudden contact.

“I’ve been thinking about your breasts,” he whispers as he begins to knead them tenderly and slowly, and I let out a few small whimpers. “I’ve been thinking about your pert little nipples; playing with them,” he continues, and, either heeding my unspoken wishes or purposely going against my unheard reluctance, his index fingers drop down to rest just on top of my nipples, slowly beginning to trace small circles around my slowly hardening buds.

“Tweaking them just right so you make that delicious little moan that I love,” he adds, taking the traitorous nubs between his index fingers and thumbs and rolling them between his fingers slowly before gently tweaking them oh-so-slightly. As desired, a moan of ecstasy mixed with a yelp of surprise escapes me. “There it is,” he states cheerfully, the grin in his voice so strong that it’s almost tangible, and so infectious that I can’t help but giggle as well.

“I’ve also been thinking about taking your sweet little nipples in my mouth and sucking on them until you’rebegging for me.” Harry tells me as he tugs on my nipples gently, his lips finding my neck once more to suck and nip the tender flesh, this time harshly enough to leave a mark.

“Fuck, Harry,” I whisper, beside myself with lust, and he moans happily (I assume because I’ve mostly given in) and attacks my neck again with more fervor. One hand leaves my breast and his lips leave my neck to breathe against my skin, “I’ve been thinking about kissing a trail down your tight little body—from your breasts,” he trails his fingers down my cleavage, “to your stomach,” he slowly drags his hand down my body, leaving a burning hot trail in his wake, until he reaches my navel, which he traces once with his finger lazily.

“To your hips,” he hums contently, and I moan in anticipation as his fingers dance along my hipbone, tracing the area lightly before running a light path along the waist of my shorts to repeat his actions.

“To your hot, tight, wet slit,” he whispers in a husky voice, his fingers slipping under the band of my shorts and trailing one finger along the seat of my shorts, now uncomfortably warm with my arousal.

“But you know what I couldn’t seem to really get off my mind all day?” He asks me, and I suddenly find myself burning with curiosity.

“No.” I respond breathlessly.

“I’ve been thinking about eating you out,” he growls lustfully in my ear, and a sharp puff of air leaves my body as he starts to trace painfully teasing circles around my clit through my underwear. “I’ve been thinking about swirling my tongue all around your little clit,” he proceeds, mimicking his words with his finger, “around and around and around; quickly, slowly, lightly, roughly—“ he makes as if to say more, but my loud moan of pleasure cuts him off.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby,” he praises me, and my back arches helplessly.

“I’ve been thinking about sucking your clit,” he goes on to say as he slips his fingers under my underwear and tugs at my clit gently. The action, however, is magnified tenfold by my overly teased state, and my entire body spasms underneath his so violently that he has to wrap one arm around my waist and restrain me in the chair so that I won’t fall off. Once my little episode ends, all I hear—besides my heavy breathing, of course—is Harry’s mischievous chuckle.

His fingers begin to explore my folds, and he gasps in complete and genuine shock. “Baby. You’re dripping.” He whispers in my ear incredulously, and I can only cry out feebly in response. He makes a small noise of feigned sympathy and purrs against the skin just behind my earlobe, “I bet you’re uncomfortable right now, with your soaked panties pressing right against you.”

I nod miserably, and he starts slowly running his fingers up and down my folds, coating his fingers in my arousal.

“I bet you want these panties off of you, huh?” He coos in a pitying tone, and I nod desperately, feeling as if I have never wanted anything as much in my entire life. He clucks understandingly and suddenly presses his thumb against my clit, rubbing slow, deep figure eights into the hypersensitive nub. I moan loudly in what seems to be both relief and ecstasy, and my hips buck towards his hand eagerly. He grins in response and catches my earlobe between his teeth, tugging it playfully.

“I bet you want your juices cleaned up, too, don’t you?” He wonders aloud, and I nod frantically, praying he’ll give me the release I’ve been craving. Lowering his voice, he purrs, “Well, baby, I’d love to help you out.” With that, he slips a finger into me and begins to pump it in and out, his thumb never ceasing its ministrations on my clit.

The pleasure is so unexpected and so overwhelming that I shriek with pleasure, my toes and fingers curling as I grasp at air, desperately trying to find something to hold onto. Using the hand currently helping keep me in place, Harry takes my hand and places it on his leg, and I grip it like a vice. His hand returns to its previous spot around my waist, and I assume it’s for the best, because the finger inside of me curves up exactly right to hit my g-spot, and I almost let out an ear-splitting scream, but Harry covers my mouth harshly, his legs hooking around my calves to keep me in place as he slips a second finger inside of me and continues to pump them in and out, pressing against my g-spot each and every time.

“I’d just love to lick up,” he murmurs throatily, pressing into my g-spot again and forcing my body back into the chair when I writhe in pleasure, “every single,” he massages my clit even more quickly, causing me to let out a choked and muffled screech, “drop of your juices,” he growls, biting down on my neck harshly, and I break.

“HARRY, I’M SO FUCKING CLOSE, IT’S KILLING ME!” I cry, and just like that, he’s released me completely, and all I feel is a split second of frozen shock before my entire body rapidly enters an emotional breakdown.

“Ha-Harr-Harry, what the fuck?!” I scream at him, whirling around in my seat to face him. He simply smiles that stupid, self-satisfied smirk of his and pops his fingers into his mouth, closing his eyes and groaning in pleasure. When he reopens his eyes, they’re fixated on my own with such intensity and desire that, despite my infuriated state, I can’t help but blush and look away.

“You have to do your homework,” he points out with a grin, and I have never felt such a strong desire to strangle someone.

“NOT RIGHT NOW, I DON’T!” I exclaim incredulously, and he cocks his head to the side in mock innocence.

“But…you have a lot!” He reminds me, and I hiss.

“Harry?” I ask, trying to remain calm.

“Yes?” He asks, teasingly oblivious, his head returning to its normal position.

“Go upstairs.” I order in a dangerously soft voice, and he cocks his head to the side again.

“Why?” He asks curiously, and I snarl, “if you cock your fucking head one more time, I’m going to snap your neck.”

He smirks and says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Too furious for words, I merely growl in response.

A wide grin spreads across his face, and he stands up, holding his hand out to help me up. I take it huffily and, using the grip on my hand, he pulls me flush against his body. His lips hover over mine for a second before they touch, his lips moving against my own slowly, lightly, and frustratingly quickly. I groan in annoyance and pull him closer to me by the back of his neck, deepening the kiss, and he picks me up instantly, walking upstairs to my bedroom as I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, my fingers curling and uncurling in the hair on the nape of his neck.

As we near my bedroom, our kisses get more and more feverish, and, by the time Harry manages to kick my door open—which I knew was only for effect, because it wasn’t closed in the first place—we’re at each other like a pair of…well…horny teenagers.

“I’m going to fuck you senseless,” Harry promises me as he kicks the door shut and slams me up against it. 

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