I Spun the Bottle: Chapter Two

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I Spun the Bottle: Chapter Two

Song for this chapter: “Misery” by Maroon 5

               She didn’t show me the picture right away, and it was starting to eat at me from the inside. She watched me, clearly amused with my anxious expression. Why didn’t she show it to me already? I gave a fleeting look at the cell phone that she held protectively in her hand. She wiggled it sideways when she noticed I was looking at it. She then looked at the photo and smirked, tapping it with her perfectly manicured fingers.

               “Are you going to show me or not?” I asked, finally giving into the taunting.

               “Sure,” she purred, smiling mischievously. 

               Right then she stretched her fair skinned arm out to me, and directed the screen of the phone to my face. At first, I didn’t recognize the girl in the photo, but finally the image finally sunk into my mind. It was me. This photo was taken over three years ago, when I was still in middle school. I could tell because of the position of my gym locker.

               My cheeks flamed when I looked at the rest of the photo. I had my shirt and pants taken off, showing me in my undergarments. I immediately clawed at the phone, trying to take it away from Taylor. She pulled her arm back before I could I could get a good grasp at the phone. When did this happen? I don’t even remember doing this!

               Taylor chuckled, sinisterly. I don’t know what it was about her laugh, but it sent shivers down my spine. “Do you remember this?”

               When I didn’t reply, she said. “I believe this was in eighth grade. David, my boyfriend, had accidently spilled some milk on your clothes. So, you grabbed your gym clothes and changed in the locker room thinking it was empty.” She smiled. “But, it wasn’t.”

               My eyes widened when I recalled that memory. I couldn’t believe Taylor had this picture of me all this time, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it against me.

               “So, are you going to do as I asked?” She inquired, quite satisfied with her photo.

               I bit my lower lip, hard, trying to think of a way to get out of this. “No.”

              “Really? So, you wouldn’t mind if somehow, my fingers slipped and sent this message to everyone in my contacts? Hmm?” Taylor arched her perfectly plucked eyebrow at me, and I looked away with annoyance. 

               I got out of her Porsche and stalked towards the school building. I didn’t know what to do, but I’d have to think about something and fast.

               “I’ll give you till the end of the school day, and then I want your answer!” Taylor called to me, in her overconfident voice.

               Damn it. Damn it. Damn it!

               I couldn’t believe she actually had something this big against me. I just thought she’d have some sort of lame excuse but—but this was unbelievable!

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