JINHWAN ~ Fieldtrip

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"Oh my gosh ______, Jinhwan is your buddy! So that means, you'll be with him until we get back to Korea!"

"Sshh! I know!" I shouted in a whisper way.

We shut our mouths when the professor came to our way.

"What are you still guys doing here? Get on the bus. We'll now go to the Notre Dame." Both of us nodded and silently get on the bus.

F/N and me are far apart. She's sitting in front with her boyfriend while me, sitting at the middle most part with the school's hearthrob, Kim Jinhwan.

As I got to our seats, I looked at him. He's looking at the window, staring at nothing.

I hugged my pillow, thinking of something to say.

"Uh, hi." I awkwardly said. He glanced at me and parting his lips, turning into a small smile.

"Hi." I didn't expect that he'll say hi to me. This is the first time he talked to me.

After that, the bus' engine started. Even though we're not yet quite far, I really feel so sleepy.

"Want some?" Jinhwan asked while showing me a bag of chips. I picked some and ate it.

"Thanks. By the way my name's ______."

"I'm ---"

"No need to tell your name. I already know you oppa." We both chuckled. I really thought in the first place that he is cold and serious. Well, just a little.

Silence between us came again. We're looking in opposite directions. See how awkward we are right now.

I hugged myself when I felt cold. Damn, I didn't brought a jacket. I am really in a hurry while fixing my things.

"Here. Wear this." He spoke. I looked at him and he's removing his jacket.

"You don't need to. It's yours and I know you're freezing too." I tried to show a smile.

"Just wear this okay?" I gulped before I get his jacket. His perfume smells so good.

I wore it and hugged my small pillow again.

"Thank you." I said without even looking at him. But in my peripheral vision, I can see him looking at me.

My eyes started to close, sleeping beside Jinhwan.


"Here we are!" I slowly opened my eyes when I heard my professor's voice. As I open my eyes, I didn't realized that I am already leaning on Jinhwan's shoulder.

I quickly sat up straight and fixed my hair.

"You had a wonderful sleep on my shoulder." He chuckled. I glanced away and arranged my bag.

We stepped out the bus with Jinhwan. Of course, I need to stay close to him everytime.

"Paris really looks so beautiful. Have you been in here?" He asked. Wow, now he's the first one to open up a conversation.

"Nope. But I know this place is very wonderful." I replied.

"You guys need to get back in here before 1 pm so we can have our lunch together. Have fun!" All of our classmates together with their buddies joyfully went to their fave destinations here in Notre Dame.

"Where would you like to go?" Jinhwan asked me.

"I don't know. I'm not familiar in this place." I looked around.

"Oh, yeah. Want me to tour you?" He said and gave me a smile. A not-so-ordinary smile. This could be the death of me.

"Su-sure." I said and he started walking. I followed him going somewhere I don't know.

We went at the museums. There's a lot of people in here. I think I might get lost.

"Just stay close to me ______." He looked at me. Now our face is 4 inches closer. I can even feel him breathing on my face.

"I will Jinhwan." I replied. I was surprised when he held my hand.

"I want to explore with you." He smiled and I gave him a smile too.

"I didn't expect this but... me too." We both chuckled. We don't care about the different people around us.


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