21 || The Truth: Take 2

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With anticipation of finally learning the truth, Khushali continued to look at Rehaan, who was glaring at Sidharth, who seemed slightly unhappy yet unresponsive to whatever was happening around him.

With one more glare at Sidharth, Rehaan turned to face Khushali and darkly said, "First of all, let me get this straight that what I'm going to tell you, will only be an altered version of the actual course of events. And also as your husband has requested to not indulge you in details, your best not aware of, don't ask any questions later. Otherwise, I'll be rather forced to reveal the part which I'm supposed to keep confidential." Sarcasm quite heavy in his tone.

"What?" said Khushali rather loudly than she wanted it to be, which immediately made her flustered and lowering her voice, she added, "Fine! Go ahead!"

"Okay," said Rehaan, glancing at Sidharth, who though was unresponsive yet had his jaws and hands clenched tightly as if restricting himself from lunging at Rehaan for doing something he actually didn't wish for wholeheartedly.

"So, from what Jay told us, my sister Mayera, and Vivan, have told you about things that Sidharth has been refraining everyone to tell you, right?" said Rehaan intently.

"Yes," said Khushali, "and what they said was something to do with ... ."

"With Sagar's alleged accidental death and the involvement three of us, ie, Arhaan, Sidharth and me, which I believe was shown such that in a manner where I was portrayed as the victim of betrayal, purposely done by these two, your husband, and your brother-in-law, amongst whom, your husband was painted as the main culprit and also Sagar's alleged murderer, right?" said Rehaan quite vehemently.

"Yes, well you're quite right," said Khushali. Then with slight sarcasm, darkly added, "And I really suppose since you know all this, you might as well know some more pieces of information like, I don't really have much faith in the words that your sister and Vivan had tried to put across me."

"Of course, I know that," said Rehaan, still shaky with anger.

"Are we gonna waste our time like that, you know just asking each other things that are quite obvious for everyone present in this room and whose answers we already know. Or you'll just get to the point instead of beating around the bush despite you having said that you'd get directly to the point," said Khushali sassily.

Rehaan looked at her with slight despise, perhaps, his anger was rising up. But before he could speak, Sidharth interrupted him by calmly saying, "I agree with Khushali. But I'd be more glad if you both can keep your cool instead of being sassy with each other and giving cheek. The calmer everyone be, the better the conversation can culminate into something useful instead of turning into a useless argument."

"He's right, calm down both of you, especially you, Khushali," said Raima, rubbing Khushali's arm, now standing beside Khushali.

"Yeah, stay calm. Easy for you to say that, since you know everything!" snapped Khushali.

This muted Raima as she knew Khushali was already miffed with being kept in dark while everyone else around knew the truth. Seeing the current situation, Raima knew it was best to stay quiet.

"It's not about knowing everything, Khushali, it's about acting wisely. I know, and others as well, that you're extremely upset with not knowing anything, whatever is going on. But anger won't solve anything, rather it would ruin thing further, I reckon you know that," said Jay calmly.

Turning to Rehaan, he added, "And the same applies to you as well, Rehaan. I know you're tired of being locked up in this apartment but we have no other choice. You know it's safe for you to stay hidden here rather than roaming out with no assurance of safety."

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