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Hanbin and I secretely walked at the park. We wore black masks and caps so that people specifically his fangirls won't notice him and me.

"Sorry for taking your time Hanbin. You must be practicing at this moment but you prefer to have a date with me. I just miss you." He shifted his arm from my shoulders to my waist.

"Don't be sorry for nothing. You are my stress reliever remember? And I miss you too baby girl." He kissed my head. I can see him smiling at me.

"There you go again. Setting me on fire." I giggled. Screaming girls caught our attention. As we looked behind, group of girls are running toward us.

"Uh oh." Hanbin murmured. He grabbed my hand tightly and we both ran fastly going to the parking lot again. As we're running, we're both laughing because of what we're doing.

As we got to his car, we removed the masks and looked into each other.

"Those girls are effin' crazy for me."

"But I am crazier than them. I'm your number one fangirl oppa. Hanbin oppa saranghae!~" I acted as a fangirl. He chuckled loudly and pinched my nose.

"You're so naughty baby girl. I know that I am your ultimate bias." He smirked and started his engine.

"You? Bobby oppa is my ultimate bias." I joked, trying to piss him off. He pouted and made a sad face.

"Kidding! Of course you are my ultra mega ultimate bias!" I cheerfully said and kissed his cheeks while driving.

"Because of that, I will bring you to your favorite place baby ______." He winked and focused at driving again.

"You can bring me anywhere you want as long as I'm with you Hanbin." I smiled. He held my hand even though he's not looking at me.


"Seriously? I will wear a blind fold? Where are we?"

"Just wear this okay? I have a surprise for you." I'm so curious omg. But I can hear waves splashing. I'm not expecting but I think we're at the beach!

"Just hold my hand." He whispered and we walked. I feel kinda trippy but it's okay atleast I am with him.

We walked for a few meters then he stopped walking.

"Open your eyes." He said as he removed my blind fold.

My jaw left open.

"You really... prepared this for us?" I said and removed my shoes.

"Yes. We're having a picnic here. Only the two of us." We both smiled with each other. It's my first time to go here in Jeju.

I ran through the sands and played at the shore.

"Come here Hanbin!" I shouted. He took off his shirt and ran towards me.

He caresses my hair while staring at me.

"You look so beautiful than the sunset." He's manly voice told me. I didn't reply.

I can see him closing his eyes and slowly reaching my lips.

"Oops, let's play first." I fetched some water using my hands and splashed it on his face.

He mocked and splashed some water on me too.

We played through the water. He suddenly hugged me and quickly stole a kiss on my lips.

"Hanbin!" I mocked and chuckled.

"Saranghae _______!" He laughed and held my hand.

We sat on the sand beside the foods he prepared.

"Thank you." I said. His eyebrows met.

"For what?" For these? That's nothing." He pointed at the foods.

"No, for everything. For making me happy even just for today. Thanks for loving me even though you're taking care of your career. Sorry again for disturbing your practice time."

"How many times do I need to tell you that you're not a disturbance? You're my hope and my happy pill. And I love you _____." He touched my cheeks and smiled a little.


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