5 - #Squad Goals

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I kept my gaze on the girl who was accompany Roy Harper the rest of the night, rather interested in who she was and why strangely enough, Roy was amused with her. I didn't know why but something about her tugged at my interest. I couldn't explain it but something was different about her. Maybe it was the way she acted, like she was used to blending in but here she was the black sheep in a sea of white. It wasn't just her poor choice in clothing that made her stand out, it was something else. But what?

I watched as she moved around the room with Roy Harper, watched how she looked at him. I knew that look, I had seen it plenty of times on Douglas's face when he gazed at Ruby at dinner, with her wild hand gestures as she gossiped about another dancer in her class. It wasn't just a look of love, it was a look that screamed I never want to lose you. But although Margo looked at him that way too, there was something else in her eyes. There was pain. 

But none of that made any sense. Not the love or the pain. 

I narrowed my eyes at girl moving through the crowd now. She had left Roy by a table, heading towards Dr. Zachary Fitzgerald with such determination. Who was this girl? Did she even know Roy Harper? I knew all about Roy's usual actives, it was printed in most gossip magazines weekly. Partying, girls and drinking. It wasn't out of character of him to swoop in and invite a pretty thing into a fancy event but usually he didn't just let her leave his side to talk to another man. 

"She's causing quite a scene," Thea Queen popped up beside me, her short hair swinging around her chin. My gaze fell on the younger Queen, a flute of champagne in her hand. 

I nodded. "She is indeed." It wasn't just Margo causing a scene though, the famous Dr. Zachary Fitzgerald was making quite a fuss, which wasn't unusual. He had a bit of temper, one that kept most people away. Guests were starting to stare, lowering their glasses of wine and pausing their current conversations to gawk at the poor girl getting practically shouted at. 

"Who is she?" Thea asked quietly. "I haven't seen her around before." The rich and successful world of Star City was elite, everyone knew everyone that was important or who came from old money. New people weren't common and didn't go unnoticed.

I shrugged. "She apparently came with Roy Harper." 

Thea's pretty eyes widened, a familiar smile tugging at her lips. Everyone in this room knew how that playboy worked. "Oh, right." 

With the out burst of Dr. Fitzgerald, the guests were starting to mutter loudly and causing a wave of gossip to flood through the room. "What do you think they are talking about?" Thea was saying, drawing my attention from the bickering guests. Now Margo and the good doctor weren't arguing and strangely enough, it looked like he was surprised by something she had said. "I have no idea."

I spotted Oliver watching me though, almost begging me to do something before another heated argument broke between the two of them. I gave him a quick nod before smiling down at Thea. "I guess I should step in before--"

My sentence dropped off as my eyes landed back on Margo and Dr. Fitzgerald. He was hurrying her out of the room and into the nearest hallway. "Are you sure she came with Roy?" Thea asked quietly, never one to shy away from gossip.

I nodded my head at her as the guests went back to their pleasant conversations, the atmosphere of the room picking up once again. As I glanced around the room there was a dreadful feeling sitting in the bottom of my stomach. I wasn't sure what it was but something wasn't right. I didn't know how but it had something to do with Margo. Beside me Thea was already chatting about something else, her attention already being drawn away from Margo. "Who is the blonde Ollie can't stay away from?" 

Thea's question snapped me out of my mind but before I could answer her question there was an ear piecing scream behind us. Both of us spun around to see a man's hand wrapped around a guest's throat. He wasn't just choking her though, his hands were flamed, burning her soft skin. The metahuman from the other night, ready for a fight. 

Without thinking, I pushed Thea out of the way, my main concern in getting her somewhere safe and out of harm's way. Guests were already fleeing the room, screams echoing through the empty hallways. I felt my own power rising within, ready to defend myself and others. But I couldn't not with all these witnesses around. "Where's the girl?" Now an unfamiliar woman stepped around the metahman that had burnt me the other night. This woman wore a mask too, her hair stark white. I watched from the ground, half my body covering Thea's. 

"She went into the hallway," The male metahuman called out. 

I heard the footsteps, moving towards the hallway. I sat up, watching both the metahumans moving through the room. Another two men in black where trashing the room, fire coming from their hands. It was a squad of rouge metahumans. 

I had barely gotten to my feet as I watched the white haired metahuman release her power, a flash of ice coming from her hands. Her aim was for the pretty brunette in the hallway, but it struck Dr. Fitzgerald as Margo was pushing out of the way by no other than Roy Harper. I didn't have time to tell Thea to stay down before I started moving towards the two metahumans. Most of the guests were gone, the only people left in the room were a few injured guests and Thea Queen, too shocked to move. I flung my own power at the metahumans, orange flames exploding the tables near them. Fire and orange sparks filled the small hallway, my power lighting up the place. 

"Leave the girl! We need to leave." The white haired metahuman called out, her eyes flashing in my direction. It seemed she was the leader this squad, something even I had to admite.

"But Zoom needs her dead." Another one of her men shouted out, a strange worry appearing in his rough voice. The name was sparking my interest, rage filling my veins. 

The ice powered woman was giving him a glare, already moving towards the exit. "We'll finish her off later." She sneered before disappearing into the night, her obedient followers running after her. 

I hurried towards the end of the hallway, seeing a dead Dr. Fitzgerald in the marble floor, his eyes still wide open. A pain struck though my chest but I did not have time to mourn. I stood over Roy and Margo, ready to kill someone, two thoughts running through my mind. What the hell was going on? And how did any of this have to do with Margo Phillips? 

"Get up right now, we need to get her out of here." 


This chapter is a linking chapter with chapter 14, 15 and 16 of The Flash and The Chameleon, where the story overlaps with my Flash series. It does help to read that chapter if you're not familiar with Margo Phillips or my Flash series. The next chapter introduces Barry Allen, which all readers should be somewhat familiar with. If you're not familiar with Margo Phillips either, maybe you should check out her stories with do link up with Fight For Me and Roy Harper. 

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