Kozume Kenma {Christmas}

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.You sighed, putting your chin in your your hand as you stared out the window, watching as snow began to fall slowly and gracefully.


It was about two hours before Christmas eve, and you were supposed to be out helping your sister with last-minute shopping... but you didn't seem to be in the mood just yet.

December had been a hard month for you, considering the fact that your little brother passed away due to cancer and your parents were abroad looking for work to be able to support you and your older sister.

You felt your phone buzz, and you smiled when you saw who had texted you.

Ah, it's Kenma...

You and Kenma had been friends for a while now, and he was the only one who managed to comfort you well enough, even if he probably wasn't even trying.

Sometimes, he wouldn't even say anything, just let you talk. Or both of you would just silently stare at the sky. Occasionally, you would feel brave enough to lean on his shoulder.

His presence was enough to comfort you.

From: Apple-pie
Subject: Merry Christmas

I'm at your door, (l/n)-san...

Your lips parted a little in surprise. You weren't expecting him, but nonetheless, you couldn't help but feel glad.

You dashed down the stairs and opened the door, and sure enough, the volleyball player was standing there, seemingly hiding something behind his back.

"K-Kenma-san! I, um..."

He silently brought his hands from behind his back and handed you a wrapped present, averting his eyes to the ground. "M-Merry Christmas, (l-l/n)-san..."

Your eyes widened, your mouth forming a small 'o' as you took the gift into your hands.

He's never done this before. He never gives anyone anything. He doesn't... he doesn't seem to express any feelings at all, really. So what is this all of a sudden?

"Kenma-san, y-you really didn't have to! You---"

"It's okay. I... I wanted to," the soft-spoken blonde muttered, finally looking up at you. "For you."

You held in a breath as your eyes locked. No matter how many times you looked at them, his eyes always captured your attention, and they would always make your heart beat faster.

You're too sweet, Kenma, you thought, your expression softening. It's no wonder I fell for someone like you...

And before you could change your mind, you engulfed him in a tight hug, smiling genuinely for the first time this December.

"Thank you. Thank you so much for everything, Kenma-san..." you whispered, closing your eyes as you leant your head on his shoulder.

You wanted to tell him how much you liked him---heck, maybe even loved him---but you knew it would probably ruin everything.

And so you only continued to smile as he slowly put his arms around you, enjoying the moment while it lasted---enjoying the feeling of being safe for once.

Maybe he'll never know how I feel about him... but that's okay. I'm fine with the way things are.


WHAT WAS THAT I DONT EVEN KNOW OwO. I dont know what i just wrote and the fact that i dont really amazes me...

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