Chapter 1: Her Bracket

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Meathil walked down the glistening stair case with her hand on her informants arm. Eglanor, he was her informant. Men were always informants, when trained in the Royal Capital they usually had little business there besides that. But when they were a captain's informant there was a lot to do. Today was her sixteenth birthday, and the day that she would finally receive her own bracket. She always dreamed of having her very own bracket, usually a bracket was comprised of around 15-20 members, but since she was a beginner she would only receive as many as allowed and available. She looked up at Eglanor who stood seven inches taller than her. It wasn't only her nerves that were high, today was the day Eglanor would become her official informant. Captains were only allowed one informant and he had been with her since she was a little girl. He would even carry her back to her house after she would fall in training or hurt herself. Which usually happened some how.

    "Are you as nervous as I am?" She asked him keeping her head facing forward as they descended a marble staircase into the royal palace, soon to be crowned official captain and informant.

    "Oh you can bet I am, I just hope I don't say something stupid to the queen," He laughed making her smile as well. Her auburn red hair was pulled back into a beautiful array of braids displayed over her whole head, the hair was so long it reached her knees, every battle she made sure to pull it back in a ponytail. And if it got cut off, oh well.

    "Im sure you will do just fine Eglanor, I have faith in you," She replied and smiled at the crowd of people that were waiting for them at the bottom of the staircase. She was lucky to be born into a higher class family where she even had the chance to become a captain, because others frequently didn't. She was trained since she was born, taught to show no mercy. Even though her left arm was hooked with Eglanor's, she still found a way to fiddle with the jewelry she had on her right. Her fingers played with a ring that would soon be moved to her left hand, symbolizing that the crowning had been completed. In the middle of the golden ring was a little hole ready for a stone to be placed in it, she would get one and every one of the girls in her bracket would get the same stone as well.

    "I would't even have faith in me," He joked as they finally reached the bottom. They got hustled around multiple times, turning many corners until they finally reached the throne room. The giant metal doorways were welded to look like beautiful vines and roses intertwined. The walls of the palace were always her favorites, made of soft stained sandstone and marble. To think she would be living in this place from now on made her mind run wild with excitement. There were guards on the sides of the doors, they had rings like her's, but they already had their stones. They were Captain's too, they must be very old and well experienced to be guarding the queen. The Venus men usually lived around eight hundred years old while a well taken care of and healthy female can live many around nine hundred. Good thing the Venus didn't age though, she did not want to live that long if it meant getting super wrinkly. She could feel Eglanor's arm shaking, he was nervous, she could see it in his green eyes, and in the beads of sweat dripping from his forehead. His green eyes complimented his golden blonde hair that had been nicely combed back and styled. She took a deep breath and faced the metal doors.

    "We have conformation to start the crowning," one of the guards told the other, they looked at them sternly.

    "Welcome to the family of the Venus captains, Meathil," the other one congratulated, they pried open the doors to reveal the throne room, glorious sunlight peered into the grand space stunning the eyes. The gold engravings on all the walls mimicked that of the sun symbol that was on the floor. The weapons that stood around the perimeter of the room were made of Venus's most fine metals and elements. Front and center at the far end of the room stood the royal throne and it's queen. She stood at around five foot nine inches, her long golden hair fell over her shoulders in large flowing curls. It was a sight that could not be torn from memory. Nothing concerned her except for the lack of guards around inside the room. Although it looked to be secure, the room did have a lot of openings allowing for an assassination quite easily. She had to keep her mind straight, she needed to focus. Her feet glided across the deep red carpet as they entered the room, him still shaking. She curtsied and he bowed as the queen stood and signaled with her hand to rise. She stared at her, her beauty was un-canny, she had gorgeous blue eyes that looked kind yet fierce, she swore she could see the ocean in them.

    "Hello dear Meathil, I haven't seen your darling young face since you were just a child. I have heard over the past few years that you have proven to be a powerful young woman. You defeated the champions in the tournament we hold every year, you lead a group of your friends to find and capture a gang of murderers that were on the loose. Finally, you found yourself a informant, quite a well one at that."

    "Thank you your highness," She responded bowing her head once again, as she looked back up she saw the queen smiling back at her.

    "You know every Venus has their positions in life, you were tested early on and the gods gave us a sign." She tried to be graceful, the only thing keeping her from tripping over her own feet was Eglanor's grip. They were soon in front of the throne, staring up at the queen. "They told us your place was as a captain. Men in the Royal Capital will always be informants, but they do get trained and play a vital part in battle, isn't that right Eglanor?" The queen turned her head to the boy, he tensed. She could still feel his whole body shaking, she moved her hand to his wrist and gave it a little squeeze causing him to turn her way. She looked at him and took a deep breath, he did the same.

    " Yes my queen, informants play the role of intelligence, even though I have saved Meathil plenty of times," he answered with ease, the breathing definitely helped. He looked valiant as the ruler stepped closer to them.

    "I am glad to have you become part of my Captains Meathil. To officialize it, I would like to see your ring darling," The queen reached out her hand, waiting for her own. Meathil moved her hand and placed it in the queen's hand, the woman took the ring off and moved it to her left hand. Afterwards she signaled for a young girl about the age of seven to bring over a small pillow. Her eyes saw it, on top of the pillow was a dark violet colored gemstone. She'd dreamed about the gem since she was a child. It glowed as the sun from the open windows around them shined upon it. The queen took the stone and carefully placed it in the middle of her ring. "With this stone I grant you immense power and control. Power you will use righteously and wisely. I Queen Clorel, am crowning you, Meathil Celes as a captain. You will now be known as Captain Meathil of the Venus Royal Captains." Her heart raced with amazement, she felt the smile creep up on her face. It couldn't be stopped, she smiled so much it hurt. The queen grinned at her and nodded in approval. She was in, she was a captain. Her dreams, all that she had worked for had finally paid off."I now place a ring on your informant's hand binding you for eternity. To protect and serve." The queen then placed a much more manly ring on Eglanor's finger and stood in front of us. "Congratulations."

    "To protect and serve." Eglanor nodded and looked at her proudly. "Thank you so much my queen, I swear my loyalty upon my death bed." He continued, making the queen smile gently as she looked at me, waiting.

    "I too am very grateful, thank you my queen, I will not disappoint you."

    "I am sure you won't. But, Captain, isn't there something we are forgetting?" She looked around and remembered, she would have a bracket too. All in one day, not just becoming a captain but also getting a bracket. "Girls, please come and meet your Captain." Eight girls emerged from doors on either sides of the room, they stood in a line before herself and Eglanor. "This is your bracket, Captain Meathil." This was them, only eight but, they all looked loyal and brave. As she skimmed down the line of girls she saw two blondes, one who had a similar hair color to herself, two brunettes, one girl with black hair, and two girls with cream colored hair. This was her bracket, her's. And she was going to train them to be the best, for her kingdom.

A/N: Thanks so much for reading this first chapter it means a lot to me everyone. You got a glimpse of the world of Venus and how things are run, women are the rulers and men play vital part as the queen said. There is a Pronunciation Guide as the last chapter if anyone needs help. I just love making up names. Hahaha. Hope you guys continue reading. Comment if you guys enjoy a chapter! I love hearing your thoughts on stuff. Thanks!

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