First Day of School

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Lani POV

I take a deep breath and step onto the bus. This was my first day at a new school. I had to make a great impression. I see Malcolm so I ask to sit next to him. I look out the window for a while before I speak up.
"Isn't it weird to think that world domination started with a simple invention?" I ask.
"Huh. I never thought of it like that. Do you like social studies?" He ask.
"Eh. I think it's more fun to learn the languages than to learn about the country."
"So you like language arts?"
"Yeah, I guess. Do we have any classes together?" I ask, taking out my new schedule.
"Well, I'm in the Krelboyne class, which is basically like the class for super smart people. I will see you today though!"
"Oh. How?
"We are doing this dumb thing were we welcome the new and foreign exchange students. It is a bad idea though because none of the students know English."
I grin, but it quickly goes away.
I don't want anyone to know that I am super good with languages.
We get off the bus and all the new students are led to the Krelboyne class. Malcolm and I start talking about books until the teacher quiets us down.
"Okay everybody. Quiet down! Each student will go up and talk about themself. Tomorrow we will all come and show 2 or 3 of our special skills. Yay! Clap!"
Everyone claps and she picks me to go first. Just my luck. I sigh and trudge up. I remember to smile quickly.
"Hi. I am Lani Haart. I moved from New York City and I like to do stuff." I try to walk back but Caroline forces me to go up again.
"What would you never be able to survive without?"
"Breathing" I earn a few laughs as I sit back down. Caroline calls a guy up and the guy just looks around the room. He starts talking in Italian.
"Uh.. Does anyone know this language?" Caroline asks.
I raise my hand.
"Yes Lani?"
"It's Italian" I say.
"Can you speak it?"

I shrug.

"Sure" I say.
I turn to the boy and we talk. I explain it to the class and Caroline smiles at me. Gosh, the woman's annoying.
A girl goes up who speaks Russian. Caroline asks the same question and I raise my hand again. Everyone looks at me and I translate again.
Next a boy goes up who speaks Nigerian. I translate again and people stare at me, shocked. Caroline walks up to me.
"How many languages do you know?"
"Uh... I think about...21 or 22."
Gasps and murmurs ripple through the room. Malcolm is just staring at me with his jaw wide open. I wink at him and he turns beet red as he slumps down. I smirk again. Holy Schnitzel! I am turning into Luna. Ew!
I stare at Malcolm. Gosh, I forgot how cute he was.
"Lani. Do you know what the Krelboyne class is?"
"I want you to join."
"Uh sure, I guess."

-----------Bus Ride Home--------------
I sit with Malcolm again.
"Woah! How do you know so many languages?"
"I just do. Ever since I was born, I was able to. Just... It's not any big thing or something."
"Are you kidding me?! I know have my crush in my class" he says.
I stare at him, smirking again for the gajillionth time.
"How touching."
"Did I say that out loud?!" He asks, embarrassed.
"Yep. Anyway, it's fine. I could already tell. Luna can tell be looking at people's eyes. She likes to get in trouble. She also doesn't care about schoolwork very much." I say, matter-of-fact.
"She should meet Reese." Malcolm grins.
"We should be glad she hasn't." I laugh.
"Actually...turn around.
I turn around and see Luna and Reese sharing prank ideas.
"That can't be good." I respond.
Malcolm shakes his head vigorously.

Word Count: 662

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