Chapter Thirty-Two ~ Unwanted Run-Ins On Perfect Days

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*One month later.. I think it's early August? Yeah...Let's go with that*

*Wynter's POV*

"Be ready In two hours"' Aqua shouted. "I'll pick you up then"' I waved over my shoulder to indicate I'd heard her and walked behind Scarlet into her house. I heard the sound of silverware hitting plates and raised my eyebrows at her. She quietly grabbed a pocket knife from the little desk sitting near her front door and slowly tip toed toward the dining room. We jumped into the room at the same time and saw...her parents?

"Mom? Dad?" Scarlet asked. I could hear the excitement in her voice. I will admit, I was excited too' Natalia And George were like the parents I once had. But they didn't know what my dad did to me. We tackled them in a hug and quickly we were all talking at once.

"You'll never believe what's happened since you left!"

"Why are you home so early?"

"l missed you girls so much!"

"You kids didn't throw any parties did you?"

"Did you guys have fun?"

"We've got so much to tell you!"

"How's Aqua and Lauren?"

"It feels like I haven't seen my babies in ten years!"

George spoke over all of us, "One at a time, Golly." He laughed "Okay, your mother and I decided to come home early because we missed you girls so terribly much' It was loads of fun, but we couldn't last any longer away from you guys'" We hugged them again."Now, what have you got to tell us?"

Scarlet and I started speaking at the same time.

"At the concert we met One Direction-"

"l have a boyfriend'"

"Aqua is dating Niall Horan'"

"We met this girl named Hazel and-"

"Liam likes Hazel and we should totally get them together'"

Harry took me on the most romantic date ever'"

Aqua, Hazel, and I went out to eat with the boys and there was a shooting-"

"Wynter got shot in the arm! This happened during the dinner-"

"WHAT?'" both George and Natalia screamed at the same time, making both Scarlet and I stop talking.


"Is the shooter in jail?'" George asked. "It's probably best if we just explain everything that happened from beginning to end. " I suggested. Natalia made coffee for everyone and we all sat around the living room as Scarlet and I began to explain everything. From the concert to now.

When we were done, they sat there quietly and soaked it in until George very calmly stated, "l want to meet this boy. "Soon." Scarlet nodded obediently. Natalia said, "I'm so happy for you guys' Oh goodness, I have to get pictures' George where's my camera?'"

I laughed and said, "Natalia, they aren't here with us. You can meet them eventually." "Are you okay? From getting shot I mean," George said. "She's fine," Scarlet replied for me. "It didn't hit the bone, just her outer arm." Scarlet was right. Now It was just a scar on my arm. An ugly scar that marked my body of all that's it's been through just like every other one. I checked the time. "We should get ready, huh?" I nodded

We were halfway up the stairs when her parents asked where we were going. "We're spending the day with the boys and girls," I replied. "But we just got home," Natalia frowned. "And I want to meet this boy," George added. An idea popped in my head "Why don't you and Harry have dinner here?" I asked them all. Scarlet's face lit up and she turned to her parents with a questioning look. They nodded and her mother headed into the kitchen to start preparing dinner... I guess.

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