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They buried her deep in the Wood.

In a spot that lies just below a break in the trees above so that light is always shining down on her.

I think that Simon might have had a hand in that. I think he knew that I'd want to be able to visit her. The Wavering Wood is the only part of the Watford grounds that I can go onto. Loads of dark magic. Not enough good to keep me out.

I've been here far too often lately. The pain never ends. The regrets only grow. There were so many things that we could have done if I didn't do what I did. So many memories we could have made. We would have made.

I just wanted to live forever.

Now, the only thing I want is for her to live.

The moment she died, I knew. I felt a vicious pain inside of me the moment it happened. Something far worse than I could have ever imagined feeling. I screamed until my voice was gone and I'd hoped that it would never return.

I feel a pulling in my stomach. I'm hungry. I need to feed.

"I'll be back soon, Ebb. Don't miss me too much." I whisper to her grave before I venture into the dark of the Wood.

*Author's Note:  Very short chapter to introduce Nicodemus into the story.  I hope you guys are liking the fic so far!  I hope to write copious amounts this weekend so that I can just randomly post chapters throughout the next week!  Please vote and comment and share if you are enjoying it!*

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