Her pale skinny arms crossed over her chest, rumpling the front of her floral, chiffon dress, "I don't blame her, you're an idiot and I'm done talking to you. Come find me when you can focus that pea sized brain on me rather than other girls."

With that she flounced away, I had to say that although she looked the perfect, preppy girlfriend for a guy like him, Izzy was definitely not a pushover like I usually assumed of girls who looked like her.

He stared after her retreating figure until it disappeared down the hallway; now that the fun was over I lifted the two glasses and tried to muster up the enthusiasm to meet the people I would be going to school with as of Monday morning.

I turned to go back to Kaya who was probably wondering what was taking me so long, though not getting very far before I heard the voice of the guy, Alex shouting out to me. I knew it was me because I had been the only one to irritate him.

Apart from his preppy girlfriend of course.

"I hope you enjoyed yourself!" he snapped.

I pivoted on the spot, keeping the toes of my black six inch heels firmly on the ground. This time I couldn't stop the smile from spreading across my vibrant pink painted lips, "I did, thanks for asking!"

His scowl grew even more menacing and within seconds he'd stalked all the way over to me.

Before he could speak, no doubt preparing to call me some very unsavoury things I got there first, since both of my hands were taken I used one cup to point in the direction Izzy had left in.

"If you run, you might just catch her. Begging always works."

It was most likely a foolish idea to antagonise anyone I'd have to see at school on my first day, but being in this town for two weeks with nothing to do was the cause of my reaction.

The only entertainment I'd had was the time I spent with Kaya and when my dad occasionally got peed on by the newest animal we were caring for.

Alex had stopped pretty close to me, using his tall, well-built body in what seemed to be an intimidation tactic, "I don't even know who the hell you are but you should learn to mind your own business."

I shrugged, feeling the slight roughness of the sleeve of my Aztec body con dress rubbing against my skin. I normally would never wear anything so figure hugging with mom around, but now that she wasn't and dad hadn't stopped me, this is what I wore.

With Kaya's encouragement of course.

Not wanting to aggravate this guy anymore, I fought to reign in the impulsive things that had been dying to escape when I'd heard those lines he'd spewed, "Fair point. I'm Natalia by the way."

It wasn't a shocker when he only stared at my outstretched hand as if I had a contagious disease. His pink mouth tightened around the corners, "Does it look like I care?"

My brow lifted and a smile eased its way across my face, which made his strong eyes narrow further. I could imagine the warmth they'd possess in better company, "You cared enough to come over here."

He seemed to realise that too because his body leaned even closer as it tensed further.

The movement wafted a faint, oddly sweet citrus scent that was comforting yet unwelcoming, presumably from his black shirt which was open to the third button. I figured it was to show off his naturally golden tan and from what I could see, a fairly defined chest.

Must be a meathead football player I figured.

From here I saw that the dark hair on his head was silky and extremely soft looking, most likely due to expensive shampoos. For a moment I considered asking him what he used, heck how could that be natural?

"I came here to tell you to butt out." He said as a delayed response. It had me wanting to burst into laughter all over again.

"I heard you loud and clear the first time." I commented, not fazed at all by the fact that even in my heels, he was considerably taller than me.

He didn't seem to realise that if his girlfriend decided to walk back into the room then the way he stood over me could be considered compromising.

That was drama I certainly didn't need before I even step foot in Ridgemont high school.

I lifted my hand up, out in front of me and pushed my palm against his hard chest firmly, "Careful there, you wouldn't want anyone telling your girlfriend that you were flirting with another girl, you're already in enough trouble."

If it were possible, I would've been dead already from the loaded expression he fired my way, "I'm not flirting with you! If I was, you'd definitely know it."

This was hilarious; I was so glad that I'd convinced Kaya to gate crash this stupid party now more than ever.

He actually thought that all girls wouldn't be able to resist his 'charm' which I hadn't seen any evidence of so far. My old school had been filled with guys like him so I already knew what to expect.

"Whoa there, that's a little presumptuous don't you think?"

"Who the hell are you? I've never seen you around here." As he said this, his eyes roamed my body from head to toe, his eyes scanning every inch of me he could see in the tight dress I wore.

There was no denying that I didn't enjoy the flash of interest I spotted in his eyes, male attention was almost always flattering but I knew he'd try to get one thing from me.

Not having figured out yet that I wouldn't jump into bed with him just because I didn't know about his reputation, which I would bet my entire savings on the fact that he had one involving a lot of females.

Izzy had confirmed that.

"I just moved here, you'll be seeing a lot more of me. Lucky you." I smiled before turning and walking away, back to find Kaya.

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