Chapter Thirty-One ~ Soldier Down

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*Wynter's POV*

  "Can you still see them?" Hazel asked. "No, they're behind the trees," Aqua replied. I settled back in the drivers seat and clicked my seat belt into place. "Come on. Let's leave and give them their privacy." They both groaned, but sat down and put on their seat belts. "l have to admit, you and Zayn are geniuses," Hazel told me. I backed out and pulled onto the road before replying. But just as I was about to open my mouth, I got a text. I looked at the message and saw it was an address from Zayn. My eyebrows scrunched together in confusion and I showed the other two girls.

"Follow the genius' orders and take us there!" I scoffed and typed it into the navigator. How do I find such strange friends? Ten minutes later we pulled up at a fancy restaurant.This place looked like the five star restaurant you see in movies where a bunch of rich old wrinkly people eat. "Do we have the right place?" Aqua asked. I nodded, still staring at the building. Suddenly I got another text from Zayn.

BradfordBadBoii: Go to the entrance :)

I stepped out of the car and did as I was told, the other two following me. When we got to the entrance of  the restaurant, I saw four very familiar looking boys standing in a shaded corner with their heads facing each other. I smiled and motioned for Hazel and Lauren to follow me behind a tree. "What are you doing?" Aqua hissed. "They were standing a few feet away!"

"I'm gonna mess with them," I replied, taking out my phone and pulling up a new text to Zayn.

Wynter: Why did you give me the address to a Taco Bell?

BradfordBadBoii: You're at Taco Bell?

Wynter: Mhm. Is Niall hungry or something??

"Hey, I don't always have to be hungry'" I heard Niall exclaim. Aqua snickered and I slapped my hand over her mouth.

BradfordBadBoii: Send me back the address I sent you.

I sent him it and a few moments later he replied back

BradfordBadBoii: That shouldn't have taken you to Taco Bell.

Wynter: did. I'm gonna get some food. Whatcha want to eat?


"EVERYONE CHECK TWITTER'" Liam yelled. Now Hazel almost burst out laughing. "Nononono, that's impossible'"

HazelYourSexyFriend: Come on, let's go tell them we're here. This is funny, but Liam's seriously about to wet himself over that lmao :)

I didn't reply, but just walked away from our hiding spot. The boys were so absorbed in trying to find the 'picture' on Twitter, that they didn't even see us. I tapped Zayn on the shoulder and he whirled around to face me. "Wait, you're here?" he asked. I nodded and smiled. "So not cool'" he said, but hugged me.

Liam yanked me away from Zayn and put his hands on my shoulders. "Where's the picture?" I laughed so hard that I had to use him for support. "LiLi....there picture'" I said between laughs. I almost fell when he pulled away, but I was caught by strong arms. I looked up and met those hazel eyes and the corners of my mouth tugged up. "Thanks, Zayn." He didn't say anything, just steadied me on my feet.

"Can we go eat?" Niall asked. "Wait, we're eating here?" Hazel wondered aloud, her eyes popping out of her head. "Well, yeah," Liam shrugged and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "You look too pretty to not do something worth getting all dressed up." She blushed and buried her face in her hands. I watched as him gaze at her with nothing but warmth in his eyes. I have a feeling I'd have to eventually get them together too.

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