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This is the unedited version. The new one is published (on Wattpad of course) and the first chapter will we available in due time.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pack up your whole life? The memories of your childhood, first crushes, best friends and backstabbers put into multiple boxes on a moving truck and away you go?

A fresh start, my mom says. A clean slate. Nobody knows who you are, merely just another mystery for them to solve.

The window fogged up from the condensation of my breath as I leaned my forehead against the cool glass, watching my brother, Axel, load the last few boxes onto the U-Haul. I shivered as the door to my left opened, allowing the frosty winter air to surround me.

"It won't be as bad as you think." Mom said, scrunching her dirty-blonde hair up into a perfect messy bun; I was always jealous of her in the way her hair always looks good no matter what she did. I ignored her and traced the goosebumps that formed on my pale arms instead. I had a feeling that in my current mood, anything said would most likely be regretted.

"Did you know Westlake has the best superheroes in the country?" She inquired, buckling her seat belting.

"Superheroes are overrated." I rolled my eyes, impatiently running the zipper from my sweater up and down.

"Ashlyn, this move will be good for us." she placed her frail hand on mine, stopping the zipping, and rested it there for a few seconds.

"I just wish it wasn't in the middle of January." I yawned. The drowsiness of sleep has been in the back of my mind all night but only now was it surfacing. Mom suggested we leave at two in the morning; that it would be good for the twelve hour drive. I pulled an all nighter in hopes of sleeping for at least half of it.

The cold wind enveloped me once more as Axel climbed into the car, grunting when he hit his head on the doorframe. I was too tired to laugh.

"Ready to go." He rubbed his head and gazed outside, taking in the view of our childhood house; for once he actually looked sad. Axel Calloway isn't one to ever be sad, his blonde hair, perfect smile and great body (or so most say), made him one of the most popular guys in school.

When the car sputtered to life, I placed my winter hat over my sleepy hazel eyes. It didn't take long before I sunk into a dreamless sleep.


"Ashlyn," Mom sang, "It's time to eat sweetheart." I managed to open one eye, I could feel my stomach was on the verge of growling. My eyes fell to the dashboard of the car as it clearly displayed the hour.


Nine hours. I nodded approvingly.

"Where are we?" I asked, my voice hoarse from sleep. My body was stiff as I sat up.

"Stonerock." She answered, running strands of my chestnut brown hair between her fingers.

"What restaurant?" I laughed, rephrasing my question.

She lifted her head out of the car to check, "Pax Pizza."

"Alliteration," I mused, "must be good."

"Yes, well, your brother is inside already. Come in when your done getting dressed." She gestured towards my pyjamas before exiting, closing the door behind her.

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