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Y/n pov

I walked threw the silent forest. Rain fell lightly, creating a small amount of fog and mist. The sun was setting, casting shadows. A twisted, bare tree stood out from the rest. I advanced towards it, when reaching it, climbing it. When I was about ten feet off the ground, I swung a rope over it, tying it to the tree. I grabbed the other end, tying it into a make shift noose. Standing, balancing on the branch, I slipped it over my head. I closed my eyes, stepping off. Instantly, the branch shook violently -I didn't cause that-, and a sawing sound was heard for a second,I let out a choked, startled gasp. Than the rope snapped. I, of course, crashed to the ground, landing on my stomach. Groaning, I rolled over, starring at the tree. Someone stood on a the branch I was previously on. He wore a purple and white jacket, and grey pants. His black hair covered one red eye, his lips pulled back in a snarl. He held a knife, definitely used to cut the rope. "That's bad." He hissed, talking as if I was a child in need of scolding. I stared at him in disbelief, who was this guy!? "W-who are you?" I asked, in a rather lame way. He rolled his eyes, "That doesn't matter. Why are you in my woods!?" "Your woods? I thought these belonged to the state or something." He laughed, shaking his head, "Oh're such an idiot." He jumped down, "These are my woods, maybe not legally, but they're still mine." "That's not right." "Whatever, back on what I was originally doing: Why were you doing that!?" My cheeks flared up, "Th-that's none of your business!" He grinned, "You're in my woods, of course It's my business!" He went on, "I mean, I love seeing a death, especially a suicide,-" He murmured the part  almost silently, "-Or a murder by me of course. Bu-" "What!?" He growled, "Stop interrupting me! As I was say-" I cut in again, "Whoa whoa whoa, if you like seeing deaths so much, why'd you cut the rope? From what I can tell, you seem like a freak who likes slow deaths." He smirked, "So you're not so stupid after all. Alright, lets start off with this: Interrupt me again and I'll cut you open." I kept my mouth shut, instead pulling off the makeshift noose. "You are right about the slow death thing." I glanced at him, "You didn't answer my question." 'What question?" He played innocent. "Why did you cut the rope?!" He smiled down at me, leaning over slightly, "I'm not tellin'! Ha ha." "Ha ha? Wow, really nice comeback. What are you? Five?" He scowled again, "Don't insult me. I'll eat  your liver." I put my hands up defensively, "Okay okay, You call the shots, Mr. I-juts-saved-your-life-for-basically-no-reason-but-I'm-going-to-kill-you-anyways." He shook his head, a smile tugging at his pale lips, "Oh, there's a reason, I always have a reason. And I never said I'd kill you specifically." I got up, dusting my jeans off, "Okay, well, this seems like a classic murderer kidnaps innocent bystander and does despicable things to them, so, yeah, I'll just find a different forest to hang myself." I collected the cut rope, turning to walk away. A quiet thump came from behind me, and he was suddenly standing in front of me. I realized how much taller he was, I quickly found I regretted insulting him. "Oh no no no, you're not going anywhere." I  dramatically pressed the back of my hand to my forehead, saying with sarcasm, "Oh no! Whatever will I do? Somebody help!" I dropped my hand, walking around him. He laughed at my actions, "I was hoping you would be good, Y/n." I stopped in my tracks, turning slightly, "H-how do you know my name?" He turned around as well, grinning like a madman, "I know a lot of things bout you, Y/n. I knew you would come here, so I simply waited. I must say, I expected that I'd have to break into your crappy house and simply take you...but making you come strait to me....was so much easier." I squinted my eyes slightly, actually taking a minute to study him. I stepped back, realizing that droplets of blood were spread across his clothes. I eyed the sharp knife he still held, seeing that that too, was covered in blood. I stepped back, "W-who...are you?" He stepped slowly closer and closer, till he stood right in front of me, he grinned, roughly grabbing my shirt and pulling me closer. "I'm simply a random guy who cares to much about you to allow anything bad to happen....I can't let you run can I?"

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