Chapter 3: The faces of people I'll never see again

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2653 words. Meh, not too great, but also not bad. I'll try to read more for next chapter c: I love long chapters. Also, if someone who reads this fic is also reading/also read my other fic: Thank you for 2k reads on that story!! I hope you enjoy chapter three c: (I had to remove the words "All the places I've been and things I've seen." because the title was too long ;-; oh well, the real title had to be "Chapter 3: All the places I've been and things I've seen. The faces of people I'll never see again." like the picture above ^ c: )


Josh grabbed his leather jacket from the coat rack and put it on.
Actually, it wasn't his jacket.

It was their friend's.


Jimmy died four and a half years ago.

When Josh and Tyler were planning on adopting a son, their amazing friend Jimmy absolutely loved it. He was so excited for it. He was so ready to become one of their son's uncles.

But Jimmy died before they got their son.

Josh and Tyler both immediately agreed on naming their son Jimmy after that.

They named their son after their best friend.

One day they would tell their son about their friend Jimmy, how amazing he was and why he never met him.

Josh didn't just get the leather jacket from Jimmy.

Three days before he died, Jimmy visited them at their house. It was summer, but Jimmy always wore his leather jacket. He loved his leather jacket. He loved it really, really much.

But when he left, Josh got a call from Jimmy.

Jimmy lived in a different city than Josh and Tyler. Jimmy told Josh he forgot his leather jacket. He just left two minutes before he called, so Josh asked if he could turn around to pick it up.

Jimmy said that it was okay, and he shouldn't worry about it. Then Josh offered to bring it to him the day after, but Jimmy said the same.

"It's okay, don't worry about it. I'll get it back when I'm at your house".

It was weird, because Josh knew how much Jimmy loved the jacket and he usually always wanted to have it with him.

So three days later, Jimmy died.

For Josh it almost felt like Jimmy knew that was going to happen.

Josh didn't know if Jimmy did it on purpose or not. It'd slowly start eating at him and it'd turn him crazy if he would try to figure that out.

He tended not to think about it.

For the first year, no one touched the jacket. It was always hanging on the exact same spot on the coat rack.

But when Tyler and Josh were about to pick up their son and bring him home for the first time, Josh decided to wear Jimmy's jacket, so he could be with them.

So he was there too.

Since then, he loved to wear the jacket.

On the back, there was a skull with bat wings. They called it a deathbat. The words "Avenged Sevenfold" were around it.

That's their band. Jimmy, Johnny, Zacky, Matt and Brian's. They aren't big, but they surely are great.

Since they're all done serving for the army now, Josh knew for sure that they'd focus more on their band now.

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