Chapter Eighty Two

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Anora's hands hurt terribly as her fingers were crooked , sprouting off in all different directions and covered in blood, her stomach still hurt from where she had been hit, and she had a serious headache as she tried to figure out everything that had just happened.

Even her ears were ringing as she plopped down in the grass as Carmen cried rolling around in pain.

"Serves you right..." Anora called to her. "Bitch."

She lifted up her hands to her face. "Well there goes my dreams of becoming a pianist." she snorted to herself.


She whipped her head around to see Charlie running over to her, with Magnus not far behind.

"Charlie..." she arose to her feet only to be barreled into as the man hugged her tightly to his chest. Her hands were pinned between her chest and his causing her to whimper out in pain.

He pulled away to see her mangled hands.

"Wh-what.." his eyes narrowed in Carmen's direction who tried to push herself up.

"Leave it." Anora said.

"Anora look at your hands."

"I don't have to look at them Charles, trust me I can feel them. My pain sensors are working just fine."

"You need to get to Sebastian..."

"I can do you one better." Magnus offered, bringing her to enter his home. "I may not be a professional, but I've had to heal many of my own wounds throughout the years. Let's see those hands.."

Anora lifted them up to his face.

Magnus grimaced slightly squeamish at the sight. "Why don't you just keep those low for now?" he said touching her arms to lower her hands.

"Do you think this ruins my chances of becoming a hand model, Mags?" Anora joked with him as she walked in.

Charlie faced Carmen who had finally managed to get up on her feet.

"You made the wrong choice of coming here." Charlie said. "People like you are horrible....killing innocent dragons for profit."'

"Save your lecture for someone who cares." Carmen said with an eye roll. "We make good money."

"What good is money if you're dead and unable to spend it?"

The woman stared at him for a moment before glancing around. "Where are the others?" she asked him.

"Dead at this point, I'm sure." he answered her. "The dragons that you thought you were going to profit from, decided to personally handle them themselves."

"NO!" Carmen screamed at him causing Charlie to take a step back. "No, they can't be dead! You're lying!"

Charlie looked over his shoulder and then back at her. "Well, I'm not a healer, but they looked pretty dead to me."

"You bastards! They were my brothers!!" Carmen cried but Charlie felt no sympathy for the woman.

"Your family killed dragons, skinned them alive to make extra money instead of actually doing good for the world. It's people like you that cause dragons to distrust humans, and harbor feelings of hatred. What kind of people take an innocent animal and skin them while they are still breathing and able to feel pain?"

Carmen didn't answer his question. "You just let the dragons kill them? You didn't even try to stop them?!"

"Well, I've never been one to get in between a dragon and their meal."

She dropped down to her knees and sobbed loudly. Charlie turned away to call to Magnus about how they were going to go about the situation. Obviously, the Ministry was going to have to launch another investigation within the Beast Division. Especially since there were several deaths involved and illegal trading about to take place.

But as soon as he turned his back on the woman, Carmen was up on her feet. Without her wand, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her skinning knife.

Charlie waited for Magnus to answer who he would have to contact first when a sharp pain gripped his side. He stumbled forward, reaching for whatever had been stabbed into his side. He pulled out a skinning knife and turned around to quickly dodge an incoming hit from Carmen.

He was fast even while wounded and stunned Carmen in her back before she could even think of turning around.

She fell to the ground and Anora came to the door letting out a screech as she saw Charlie's side bleeding, staining through his shirt.


"It's okay, don't freak out."

"Don't freak out?! You're bleeding!"

"I'm well aware of that right now." he said lowering himself.


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