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*This is not the beginning of Dale-creek hill Asylum. The beginning of this story starts at the  "Introduction". What is written here is merely for curious fans who are already deep into the story. You may revisit here later as a curious fan yourself! *

How the hell did you think of this?!

Well. This whole idea came from my Uncles job. He is in fact a security guard himself at an Asylum for criminals. Crazy right. So he honestly has to face mentally unstable law breakers who have done truly terrible things everyday and its not all honey and pie like its painted in this story but more on that later. So the idea sprung from his work but before I began writing this story I actually made a role-play about it called, you guessed it, 'dale creek hill asylum'. The role-play didn't go too great as people got a little weird but then it inspired me to write what you're currently reading now :D

 Why isn't it all like honey and pie again?

Well. As I've explained to a few, this story is based on asylums, psychologists and patients. When I say based its similar to a film being 'based on a true story'. What I've written is 'based' on asylums, psychologists and patients but whether or not some of what occurs can actually be linked to any of the three isn't guaranteed. Its all realistic but also very much fiction. I've tried to give you a real account of what I'd imagine an Asylum to be like from the snippets of information my Uncles given me on top of a little research, I've also tried to make the patients realistic as well as keeping to my wicked plot but everything in this story has been toned down.

In reality my Uncle comes home on a daily basis with concussions, broken bones and bruising. In reality it seems the patients and workforce come up against one another more physically on a daily basis. He's always having to restrain wild outbursts from the inmates. So imagine having to restrain someone with the same body size as Sam on a daily basis from trying to injure you in any way possible. Except they wont be even remotely as fine looking as him. In fact physically they could be pathetic, skinny little things but having a murderous intent makes all the difference. Its a grim job.

Why haven't you visited your uncles work it'd be great research?

Pardon? That's like asking someone why they haven't put themselves in the middle of a starved shark tank because its great research. As you've probably gathered (hopefully), an Asylum like this is no place for a (17 year old at the time) female (whose not bad looking so I've been told *wink-wink*) I did ask once out of curiosity and my Uncle told me frankly that I'd get attacked,(well he said worse but its embarrassing to repeat), and he said it without hesitation which is overwhelming that even with all the security around even with him at my side etc. he was certain it would happen. Scary stuff I can assure you. So on that note he wouldn't let me be within a mile of that place and frankly I wouldn't let myself be within 10 miles of that place in case one somehow managed to escape!!

So through pure imagination, watching films, doing a spot of research and listening/ observing my uncles wild tales and his injuries; hopefully I've captured some of the dangers and goings on of a real Asylum to compliment this entire story and make it a more enjoyable (realistic-ish) read.

How did you come up with Michael, Sam and Ashley?

Ashley blossomed from my original role-play character whom I developed until I got the person you're experiencing the story with. I wanted someone not typically heroic or commonly found in books just someone with a silly fascination with her job that at times took her to dangerous places. Someone realistically young (just a teenager) and no matter how strong the denial, naive to some of life's wicked tricks.

Samuel Hanz, my what a character! What a character indeed. If someone like Sam existed I shamefully would love to know him. I took the name Samuel Hanz from a character in the original role-play (a friends character whom I humbly asked permission of first) and obviously completely changed him to make him my own.

Michael was my own from the very beginning. He wasn't in the original role-play I merely created him for the soul purpose of this story. Both him and Sam were just names really when this story first started out but like all characters in a story as I wrote my imagination grew wide and I imagined up all sorts for them. History, futures, habits, likes, dislikes, flaws and I'm still at it!!  Like all flourishing authors I fell in love with my characters. Not weirdly. I just cherish them. Eventually I felt a strong need to develop them further until I could pretty much yank them out of the laptop, set them on their feet and send them off into the real world as a real people.

Obviously I'm sure some of you wouldn't quite appreciate me sending Michael and Sam off into the real world judging by their occupation but as their creator I would guiltily love to see them both standing in front of me just so I could get a look, (then put them back before things got scary and complicated). So yes before I fly off of the subject Michael and Sam just grew over time.

You're crazy to think up some of this stuff but you know that right?

Well. It's not all that difficult. Judging from what I hear on the news half the things I come up with I've probably subconsciously heard off of there. Documentaries on kidnappings and other grim things fascinate me so they've probably helped. Things like CSI, books, tons of thriller/gritty/horror books and dark fantasy as well that have contributed to the jumbled up madness in my head that accumulates what you've read! Plus I guess you could say I'm just worryingly evil in all senses of the word and can easily pluck such things from my mind at any moment (true story).

I really like writing fantasy on its own but by default I am best at writing fairly dark thrillers. Thrillers for people your age and up. They'll all have a hint of realistic fantasy in them or maybe more than a hint but they're all thrillers with thousands of cliff hangers because I'm a beast for tension and suspense! Here I go again drifting off the subject. (Its what happens when I type as I think)

                                                       I've covered the basic grounds but anyone has any more questions or thoughts that I haven't covered and they're curious or whatever just sling it below as a comment and I will put the lengthy response up here :)

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