Let's Hop Like Bunnies ;D Ch.10

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Okay so you can officially shoot me >.< it has been waaaaay to long since the last upload. I'd give you a bunch of reasons why I delayed it, but then you wouldn't be able to read it any faster....so enjoy! P.S. anyone else that Andrew is sexy? I almost salivate when I write about it.

Chapter 10

“Pst…Angel baby wake up,” someone whispered in my ear.

“Nnn…” I uttered.

There was silence for a few seconds before the person spoke up again. “We’re going to Six Flags.”

My eyes shot open and I sat up in a second. “I’m awake!” I exclaimed.

My mom was smirking at me and said, “Just kidding.”

I narrowed my eyes at her and said, “You meanie.”

She shrugged and sat down on my bed with me. “We’re actually going to the beach with Jason and Amelia and them.”

My eyes lit up and I squealed. “Amelia’s in town?”

She nodded and continued, “It’s her birthday today and she drove in from Las Vegas like twenty minutes ago.”

“Doesn’t that mean that she was driving since,” I looked at my alarm clock and subtracted four hours and then continued, “Since like five in the morning?”

“Well, her boyfriend did the driving since she had just gotten off work and she needed sleep,” mommy explained.

“Oooh,” I responded.

“Mhm so get ready because we’re leaving in half an hour,” she finished as she rose from my bed and exited the room.

“Okay,” I called to her. The door closed and a smile slowly crept onto my face. Yay! The beach with Amelia! I took a quick shower and did the daily necessities before going back inside my room. I cleaned my room quickly and picked up my athletics bag and threw in a towel, sun block, my swim trunks, sunglasses, some shovels and buckets, and a pair of sandals. I paused and stared at the crap I had shoved into my bag. Something was missing…ah! I snatched up my lotion and threw it in. I smiled in triumph and slung the bag over my shoulder. “La la la la, la la la la, Angel’s bored,” I sang as I skipped down the stairs, tripping on the first few steps. “Eek!”

I tumbled down the stairs and slammed up against a wall. I groaned and let myself slouch, my butt in the air. I felt the wall vibrate and the first thing that came to mind was an earthquake…that was until the wall magically started talking to me. “Are you okay? I saw what happened.”

I groaned and clutched at the back of my head. Ugh, not again! I swear the cookie monster owes me 50 pounds of gummy bears since he keeps making me injure my noggin. I am totally going to tweeze his blue fur off hair by hair. “It hurts,” I whined. “Wait…walls don’t talk…shiet! Lil Kim, please don’t take my sandwich!” I begged as I opened my eyes and tried to focus the spinning world. Whoo hoo! Panty raid time!

The wall chuckled and my head snapped up instinctively. Oh…damn! This bitch be fine! I got lost in the beautiful green of Andrew’s eyes and didn’t really take notice as his arm snaked around my waist and pulled me closer. He smirked at me and said, “It’s nice to see that you just keep on falling for me.”

I rolled my eyes and tried to get up, only to find an arm restricting my path and causing me to slam back into his sexy chest. That glorious, whipped cream worthy chest that would look so sexy wrapped in technology. Yup…it was my computer lab fantasy all over again…and every time I see him. Hee hee. Can you really blame me though? This boy is a sex pot. I saw his dusky lashes fall to my lips and I snapped back to reality. “I’m not falling for you, I just like the stairs a lot,” I retorted.

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