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Rosy has been on my mind for some time now, this girl may be hot but she definitely is stubborn. And something about that makes her desirable. She's spunky and that shy act she has going on does nothing to hide that fire in her eyes. Even when she dances, she has a passion that rivals everyone in the studio, she has a motive. The question is, why is this badass girl hiding under all these pretenses?

I've seen her around the school, I see how she handles herself against Victoria. Victoria thinks she has a claim on me because we slept together a few times, and Rosy threatens her. Victoria has a reason to be scared, because Victoria is a girl I would never take home but Rosy is someone I would introduce to my family. She has personality and not just vanity. She intrigues me in every way but scares me. This girl knows something I've been hiding for a while now. The only other person that knows my secret besides Victoria is my sister. And even she has a hard time keeping her mouth shut. 

 But just like our little princess knows my secret, I know hers. I know she used to get wild, I assumed she did but her brother confirmed it.  Ace kept telling me how amazing her sister was even if the partying got out of control sometimes, but he never told me why she stopped. And I want to bring that side out again, I want her to play. This shy girl image is not the best look on her when she can be so much more. She set up boundaries keeping her true self-locked in, and the only time you actually see it now is when she dances. I want to see that every day.

I walked to the lockers to get out of my practice clothes. In there I see the ginger from earlier who's been trying to get my attention. She looks at me and winks walking away shaking her perky ass. 

I wonder if she realized she was in the men's locker room?

I smile and shake my head. It's always the same. I live every guy's dream but I'm getting bored of the same game. 

I start to get dress as today's practice replayed in my head. Rosy's tiny body in my hands felt so right, and the way her green eyes sparkled at me. I know it was just an act but seeing her so vulnerable did something. 

How can I have someone so vulnerable with the type of life I live? I don't want to destroy something so precious. Even if she was a bad girl back then, she still has the innocence of a good one. 

I let out a frustrated sigh and shut my locker, looking down at my phone. I see a text from an unknown number informing me how much they miss me. Must be Vicotria, I never saved her number but she's always the one who sends needy messages. I close my eyes in annoyance ignoring it, I got tired of telling everyone she is not my girlfriend. 

Going outside I see Teresa trying to convince Rosy into giving her a ride. Teresa, just like me, has a way of getting what she wants. So I wasn't surprised to see how fast Rosy caved in. I roll my eyes at them. Why does she keep acting like that?

On our way back Teresa convinced Rosy to come to practice with us. At this I was surprised to hear her agree, I really thought she would refuse. For someone being so adamant about staying away from music, she really doesn't try hard enough. Maybe she's finally cracking?

When we got home I went to my room to quickly drop off my stuff and headed to a basement. Once everything was set for practice, I got a call from James saying that he was sorry but he finally got accepted on the football team. Who the fuck gives about football? Frustrated I kept telling them how shitty of people they were leaving us so close from a gig but they didn't care. After cussing them out a few times I hung up on them.

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