Chapter 23- Shouting

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“Can you come get me?” I half whispered into the phone.

“What’s wrong?”

“My parents think I’m asleep… dear God Harry, please?”

He laughed. “Jesus Christ, are they rabbits? Yeah, I’ll come get you.”

He hung up; I pulled on my jacket and shoes, slipping out of the house. I walked down the driveway and waited. It was such a lovely feeling... having him to call. I knew he'd be right there for me, which made me feel so special, important. It was such a little thing, but it felt massive in my heart. I adored it, I adored every bit of this sensation that was sinking into my body.

I  headed up to his truck after I saw him pull in. It had been a few days since I asked about his art being entered for that gallery, he wasn’t budging.

“Wipe that damn smirk off your face.” He didn’t, he just drove me down to his house. We sat on his couch in the living room, watching TV.

“Do you like that I come over here?”

He thought. “Truthfully, it’s nice to have it filled with noise by conversation. Not by the sound of the stereo.”

I frowned, and turned to him. “Can you please, please, tell me why you’re alone? Where is your family?”

“I told you,” he stared at the TV. “I have no family.”

“Where is your mom?” silence. “Your dad? Grandparents?”

“Why are you pushing this? Not everyone has a family.”

“I just… I really want to know you.”

“Why? Do you think if I tell you everything about me I’ll date you or something? I don’t do that. I don’t let people in my life Finley. Take a good look around, this is as close to me as you’ll ever get.”

I frowned, nearing on tears by his shouting. His tone was harsh, right by my face too. I hated when people yelled, it just scared me to death. He knew how shy I was, he knew how long it took me to warm up to him. I got up; I was not stuttering through this, I was standing my ground.

“You know, I think I could be really good with you. I think we’d mesh well. I mean, we’ve been talking a long time; you share your work with me and going out to dinners, things like that. I don’t do that, you don’t either.” I fumbled with my fingers, bravery burning out. “I-I’m not good at conversation, I don’t get r-relationships. I’m not good at much, I-I mean, I don’t know w-who I am, I don’t see myself physically the way you do, I feel very… un-unexceptional at everything. I have no amazing talent like you do, I lack a great deal. I mean, I’m good at ch-chemistry so that counts.” I rocked back in my shoes. “I just… I-I like you. I want to know you. I wish you did date because… I’d really like to be with you, a lot. I’m done wasting my time though, so,” I shrugged. “Bye,”

I started to his front door, feeling so sad. I couldn’t be with someone who wouldn’t share all of themselves with me. I just couldn’t. I was seeing now that it was very important to me, to know all of someone if I was sharing too.

“My dad shot himself.”

I froze at his words, a knot forming in between my shoulder blades. I slowly turned once the words felt like they sank in,  seeing a very scared Harry. It was a side I had never seen before.

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