Neck kisses & Jealousy

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I could see the jealously in every girls eyes as Carter and his girl of the week walked down the hall.

Actually all the girls in the hallway were staring at The Virginity Brothers girlfriends in envy but I'm pretty sure they all knew it was only a matter of time for the group to be single again and looking for another girl.

The boys ruled the school and everything In it. Including the girls, the other fellow boys in the school were either players also or losers who get picked on by them.

It's also been three days since Melissa and Justin have been dating and that means her and I haven't been talking at all.

This was insane to me because it was the first time Melissa has ever invested this much time into a guy, and ignored me while doing it. I don't know if it was because I wasn't Team Justin or if it was because she was so wrapped up in him that she forgot about me but either way, she was avoiding me and I felt super weird about it.

As I opened my locker I watched as Carter was talking to his little fling while standing at his own locker. I watched as he flashed his killer smile at her while talking to her.
I made a face and went back to what I was doing because it was to disgusting to watch. Not that affection was disgusting but knowing he was just using her made me sick.

Later that day I loathed in my last class of the day waiting for it to be over. Today was one of those weird rainy days that you just want to lay in bed and watch tv.

"This project is to be with partners." Mr. Alec announced from his desk. The entire class groaned because he picked partners for us and everyone knew that just wasn't good.

I Waited for my name to be called. "Carter Victors, Elana Edwards."

My heart pounded against my chest as I turned around in my seat to glance at Carter. He was smirking at me from his desk like he knew a secret that I didn't. I turned back around and groaned.

Why did I have to be stuck with The Virgin thief?

"I suggest you and your partners should discuss out of school preparations for your project as well considering I'm giving this class three weeks to complete the project." Mr. Alec concluded by handing out papers about the project and supplies we would need for it.

So I would need to work with Carter! On a project? On none school hours? My day couldn't get any worse.

I knew once class was over Carter would try to make his way over to me and say something and
I couldn't get out of class any faster when the bell rang. I ran out so fast anyone could have mistaken me for a track runner.
As I rushed pass students in the hallway hoping Carter wasn't following I almost made it out the door when to my surprise I saw my best friend blocking it because she was busy texting on her phone.
"Well look who it is." I announced and she looked up from her phone with an excited look on her.

"Oh good it's you." Melissa shouted while smiling. She grabbed my hand and lead me out of the door.

"I need a big favor." She said with pleading eyes as we approached my car. I wanted to immediately mention the fact that we haven't talked in a few days every since our run-in in the hallway. But I chose not to say anything about it.

"I have a date with Justin tonight and I need you to help me get something to wear, and I when i say that I mean we need to go to the mall." She smiled excitedly and I couldn't help but smile at her happiness.

"Okay." I gave in. She shrieked and hurrily got into my car.

When we arrived at the mall Melissa couldn't stop talking about Justin, her mouth was like a runny faucet. "He's really sweet." She repeated and I loved seeing her happy even though I knew it would soon end.

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