chapter 2 (edited)

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Chapter 2


I snapped back to attention when the most beautiful young woman I had ever seen came running towards us. She wore a light blue dress and a scarf that covered her hair. My blood froze to ice as she hugged the boy, dropping her scarf in the process and letting her golden curls free.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Your Highness," I said, bowing.


Princess Isobel's POV:

I had been so concerned for Michael's safety that I forgot to keep my hair hidden properly, and now this stranger new my secret-a secret that nobody other than the people at the orphanage, my maid and I knew.

As the youngest of four children, I had always been sheltered, so when the chance presented itself, I couldn't help but take it, knowing very well that my mother would lock me in my room until my wedding day if she ever found out.

and now this stranger new, all because I had to walk around showing my golden hair.

Everybody high and low knows that only the royal family of the North have golden hair like mine.

"You're suffocating me," Michael said while struggling to get out of my grip. I snapped out of my thoughts and let go of him, watching as he ran inside the building. I then turned around, only to find myself standing face to face with the stranger.

He was very handsome.

, with his black hair and dark brown eyes, and as I studied him, I noticed his Southern clothes. He definitely wasn't a commoner.

"So what is a pretty little thing like you doing outside the palace?" he asked. "Does your family know, or did you sneak out?" His smirk sent shivers down my spine.

I wasn't going to cave in. I wasn't just a 'pretty little thing' that couldn't do anything other than sew and sing all day. And I would rather die than to go back to a life like that.

"How much do you want?" I asked.

He stepped closer to me and whispered in my ear. "Don't worry, princess. I won't tell anyone. But until we meet again, you're in my debt."

Before I had the chance to answer, he closed my lips with his. The kiss was like nothing I had ever experienced in all my eighteen years of life. I mean, sure, I had been kissed before, but this were on a whole other level.

However, it was only proper that I push him away. Before I had the chance, though, he pulled away and started to leave.

"Until we meet again!" he yelled before turning around the corner, leaving me feeling utterly confused about what just happened.

After a couple of minutes, I felt back in control over my feelings and walked back into the building, only to be met with Sister Siri's concerned eyes. "Do you have a fever? Your face is bright red. Maybe you should call it a day, my dear. Don't they need you at home?"

I shook my head. "I'm fine, really. Besides, everybody is busy preparing for some foreign prince's visit. They won't even notice I'm gone." Suddenly all the blood drained from my face as I remembered that he was to arrive today. "Actually, you're right. I should call it a day."

I left quickly and made my way back to the palace.

As I arrived at the stables, I saw my maid, Miriam, standing outside. "Hurry! Your mother is looking everywhere for you! The Southern prince is already in the throne hall!"

I gave the reins to the stable boy, Timmy, and my eyes landed on twelve camels in the stables. "What an interesting looking animal. I wonder what it's like to ride one."

Timmy looked at me like I'd lost my mind before answering. "The southerners arrived on them a couple of hours ago."

Before I had the chance to get a closer look, Miriam pushed me back outside.

"We must hurry. You can't be presented to your fiancé looking like a maid."

That's right, I was to meet my one year younger fiancé for the first time.

Without meaning to, my thoughts drifted back to the dark stranger and the kiss he stole. I didn't even get his name. Not that it mattered, I would never see him again.

"Miriam, you have outdone yourself this time," I said as I looked in the mirror. In just half an hour, she had managed to do my hair and makeup flawlessly.

I now wore a green dress with golden embroidery that matched my hair perfectly. My hair was braided away from my face and fell in perfect curls down my back.

"I know. Now hurry up," she said affectionately, yet determinedly.

As I walked into the throne hall and sat beside my older brothers, my eyes met my mother's. She looked far from happy, but didn't say anything.

Nathaniel, my youngest brother, leaned and whispered in my ear. "Where have you been? I thought that you would over jump at the opportunity to meet your fiancé. Look, it's him over there," he teased, knowing very well how I felt about my young fiancé.

I looked over and saw him. He looked like a sweet kid, but a kid nevertheless.

My eyes landed on the person standing behind him, and then widened in shock. This couldn't be happening. It was the dark stranger from earlier. He noticed I was looking, and winked at me, before walking behind the prince up to my father.

"It is a great honor to finally be able to visit your country," Prince Zrahal said, before gesturing for the kiss-stealing-thief to step forward. "This is Tristan, a merchant and my close friend, who has agreed to accompany me on this journey."

God, what have I done to deserve this?


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