The New life

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Its been a rough year for Ana Hunter. She hurt everyone close to her. She had to move away from everyone she loved and had to move to Mysteric- East high.


"Okay.. Ana, it's your first day of this creepy place, but You get through this. Just take one step at a-" I was interrupted when I tripped over someone.

"Hey watch where your going.." I looked up to see a guy holding his hands out.

Damn he's fine.

The guy chuckled. "I know I am, but so are you.

"Did I said that out loud." I mentally face-Palm.

The boy had his hand out said "yes you did, but that's okay I get that expression a lot. Let me help you up. I'm Alex by the way."

"Well Alex its nice to meet you,I am Ana." I said taking his hand as he pulled me up.

"ALEX?!?!? WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?" said a beautiful young blonde-haired girl.

I looked at him and wondered if she is is girlfriend or friend or whatever she is. "That's your girlfriend?"

"Yea, She is... But-" He said, but was interrupted by the girl and pushing me against the hard cold lockers. She jump on him and wrapped his arm around him.

She stopped and looked at me "who the hell are you" she said. "I'm Ana and you are?"

"I'm the girl who doesn't play with her man, so if you know any better back the fuck away" she said as her eyes glares red and hissed at me.

I put my hands up in defeat. "Okay girl all i ask was whats your name, you didn't have to be a bitch" I said rolling my eyes.

As the girl scoffed and walked away Alex said, "Don't worry about her she nice if you get to know her better by the way her names Lacy." The bell ringed and he disappeared in the crowds of kids.

"Well great Ana you already got beef with someone" I mumbled to myself as I sighed and walked to class.

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