Chapter 27: The Break Up

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We were awakened from our thoughts when we heard the sound of the door bell going off.

"Okay, just maintain the plan and we will be fine. I've already called in for reinforcements from my agency but until then, we must hold them off. Me and Jess will do everything we can to keep the fighting away from you guys but if we fail, you must be prepared to defend yourself. Winter," Commander started, as he headed towards the middle area of Will's office, "I know you've have all of this thrust upon you- and I know you'll need time to understand everything fully but as of right now, there just isn't enough time.

"I'm going to need you to be strong and brave and fearless, okay? Jess and I are agents, we've been trained in this field but you haven't. Please, everyone, keep as quiet as you possibly can." Commander explained as he turned towards all of us. He grabbed the remaining pistols off the table before he and Jess quietly slipped out into the halls.

My thoughts went back to the conversation I had with Jess a bit earlier...

"Jess, can I speak with you privately?" I asked as we finished looking over the demonstration of reloading a gun.

"What's up, Ty?" Jess asked as I ushered her back into the secret room.

"I'm going to sound like a complete ass for saying this before you head into battle but we really need to talk." I explained, as my sweaty fingers fidgeted with the hem of my sweater.

"Ty, I know. The second I stepped into Winters house- I knew. You were everywhere. You jacket hung against the coat rack that was recently installed, your English books up against the ottoman next to the door. As you came to the door to greet me, I could smell the intoxicating mix of you and her. I knew the second I saw you lay eyes on her and I was in denial for the longest time.

"I thought if I could maybe finish the house earlier or get you talking about plans, you'd want to stay. But nothing helped. I knew I lost you the minute just her voice could make you smile, just the thoughts of her could make you blush. I'm not here to try and fix this anymore- and I don't hate you for any of it. But I do have some restrictions if you want my blessing." Jess finished, her face getting harder and sterner.

I stood and waited as she continued, "Winter is broken- now more than ever. She's experienced a pain that's never-ending, and she has scars that will never heal. The nightmares will never stop. The accident scars won't fade away, her inability to connect will never disappear. She is broken and she cannot be healed, but you must learn to accept that. You must learn to live with that.

"She won't wake up one day completely sane, she won't sleep a night without the memories, and I need to know that you can handle that. I need to know that one day you won't wake up and decide she's not enough- or that she's just too much. I need to know that your devotion to her is stronger than a feeling- it must be written in stone. I need to know that you won't expect her to be more than her- to be some boneless miracle who can constantly provide you with a mentally stabilized environment because you must understand that she never had one."

I stared at her, astonished by the amount of emotion she was exposing before me. I'd never seen Jess express anything in this way, she was always so stoic about her feelings and what was going on. I inwardly chuckled by how similar Jess and Winter actually were.

"I think I'm in love with her." I mindlessly spoke, my heart breaking seconds later as she blinked back tears. "Shit Jess, I didn't mean-" I started, but was cut off by her breaking into a sad smile, as she moved towards me.

"You really were a great guy." She whispered more to herself as her arm reached out to slowly stroke me before continuing on past me and out of the secret room.

I was brought back to present day by the sound of a gun being fired.

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