His Family Doesn't Like Something About You

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Zayn: Recently, you had lost a lot to weight and to you it was on of your biggest achievements ever.After a long time of working extremely hard, the days of covering up your body was over. It had just turned summer so after a shopping spree, your wardrobe was full of short dresses and crop tops. The weather at the moment was completely different when you last met Zayn’s family during winter and now the sunshine glared down making everything seem slightly more cheery. Due to the weather conditions, today you were wearing high-waisted shorts and a crop top. Zayn had loved your outfit but you were starting to feel slightly nervous that his family would have a negative opinion of it. You had just eaten Sunday lunch in the back garden at the Malik household and you wanted to go and top up your drink. You offered to top up other people’s drinks as well, to which only Zayn and Tricia accepted. You headed inside, humming lightly to yourself; however as you started to walk away you heard hushed voices from the table “Zayn, um, well I don’t know how to say this, but I think Y/N’s outfit is a little, um, show-y." Tricia murmured; you looked down slowly at your outfit, you had been worried about this happening and felt a sob choke at your throat. “That’s fine you have your opinion, but I don’t respect it, Y/N was getting so much hate from fans wrongly calling her fat so she lost weight and now she wants to ‘shut them up’. I think she perfect either way and I think she should be able to dress how she wants, okay?"Zayn retaliated before you heard him add “sorry if I sounded harsh." You couldn’t tell what Tricia then did but she was overly nice to you for the rest of the evening. That night before you went to sleep, you realised that Zayn really didn’t care what you looked like and would love you whatever, and with that in mind, you slept peacefully…

Liam: After Liam ‘re-growing’ his kidney, he had started to drink more and more - going to party’s and bar’s etc. That’s where he met you, at a bar, when you were working your evening shift as the bartender at a small pub in the center of London. Whenever you and Liam were having a night in, the majority of the time you would make cock-tails, introducing him to the variety that there was out there. Liam would show you the little bars that he found and you would spend the evening chatting away, both of you drinking pint after pint. You weren’t an alcoholic, far from it, but you did like a drink or two! It was one of the Paynes’ family events and Liam was having a break after the TMH tour had ended so was back in England. You had both gladly accepted the invitation and it was now about 1 hour into the barbecue and you were having an awesome time. Someone, a distant cousin perhaps, came round and offered you another drink and you accepted. Liam was drinking quite alot and so were you, both of you having fun. You really needed to pee after a while so walked off. You saw Liam in the hallway generally chatting to his Mum and gave him a quick smile before going into the bathroom. It was alot quieter here than in the garden so you could here every word they were saying “Awesome party Mum," Liam stated. “Yeah… But it’s just, Li, you never used to drink and now you drink loads, I’m starting to think Y/N is a bad influence on you…" Karen replied, you heard Liam scoff at the remark “Mum, when I met Y/N I had started to drink more, she hasn’t changed anything, it’s my choice how much I drink." he said in an almost angry tone. You bit your lip anxiously, you didn’t think you were a bad influence on Liam but then again, you might be…? You heard footsteps towards the door and waited for a knock before your managed a weak hello. And then you heard Liam’s comforting voice “You’re not a bad influence Y/N. Don’t believe her, please, I love you." you opened the door and hugged him tightly, smiling into his chest.

Louis: You had always sworn often, it had been your own way of relieving stress, if you will. Louis swore quite often as well, and you knew he loved you to swear in the bedroom! You were going to Doncaster with him to meet his family for the second time, you had first met his family for a meal, and you all got along very well. At Louis house, you were playing  with Phoebe and Daisy, you had been playing for an hour or so and loved to get to know two of his sisters better. Phoebe asked you to turn around to look at something, so you did, before you knew what was happening you had hit your head on the corner of something really hard, you weren’t quite sure what. You uttered a loud ‘shit!’ before rubbing your head and deciding it was best to go check it out. You excused yourself and went to the bathroom, however, you still heard the inevitable “Lou, I like Y/N, but honestly, she swears way to much, especially in front of the twins, and that doesn’t do her any favours" Jay told Louis matter-of-fact. “It doesn’t do any harm, Dais and Phoeb’s know not to swear, don’t you guys" obviously, you couldn’t see their response, but then Louis said “see! They won’t swear, she’s not a bad influence, before you say it, and its not like we’ve never swore in front of them" you then heard stomping at the stairs and a sigh as someone entered their bedroom. Cautiously, you walked out of the bathroom and into Louis’s bedroom. “I’m sorry, I didn’t really know what I was saying" you mumbled “I’ll try not to swear in front of them." you said as you sat down slowly next to him. He nodded slowly “so you heard, take no notice, but just to shut the rest of the family up, it might be for the best if you try to cut down." you smiled at him slowly and nodded in agreement.