Chapter 27

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Chapter 27


It's empty without Iza.

I haven't seen Trevor smile for days, not spoken either for that matter. He dosen't eat and if Clove hadn't forced him to drink water, he would've died of starvation and dehydration.

It's like his trying to commit suicide on the sly. But I understand him.

First: his best friend died, and second: he knows that he still has to die.

You have to return home with your District partner, or not at all, that's what makes the Game extra hard.

If Clove had died I would have stuck the sword into myself directly, even though suicide is forbidden.

Clove is probably afraid that Trevor is going to stick a spear in himself, because she dosen't let him use any spear.

We stopped for the night and set up a camp.

Clove are looking for any animal to kill, not because we're going to eat it, no we get food from our sponsors. Even since we found out that Clove is pregnant, the food has basically rained down on us. She hunts the animals just to stay active and have other things to think about than our baby and Izas death.

"You're a very lucky man, you know", Trevor said to me.

It's the first time I hear his voice since Iza died. And his voice dosen't have the lively sound that that it used to have, no it sounds dead.

"Huh?" I don't know what he's referring to.

"You have Clove I mean", Trevor said. "Something that makes you do everything to get back to District 2".

"Yeah I suppose so", I sigh, I've made myself so vulnerable. Me! Cato! That has never cared about anyone but myself before. "I don't know what I would have done without her, she is the reason I still want to breathe".

"I understand, she's very beautiful", Trevor said.

"Yes she is", I say and takes out a bottle of water and holds it to Trevor.

"Do you practice on your father's rol?" he asks and frowning his nose towards the water.

"Clove forced me to promise to make sure that you drink water when she hunts animals", I say and literally pushes the water bottle into his mouth.

Trevor give up and drink a little.

I put back the water bottle and sighs. Father's rol? I suppose so.

"You know, my death wish would be to get a kiss from Clove", Trevor said.

I just stare at him. What the hell is he saying?

I guess he wants me to kill him. But I don't, he looks so damn unhappy that I couldn't even if I wanted to.

"Huh?" I only ask.

"Yes, but dont worry, she carries your baby so I won't even ask her", Trevor sighs before he fall asleep.

And then I hear a cannon shot.

"Clove", I whisper and stand up.

I run towards the direction Clove had gone.

"Clove!" I shout.

This is a nightmare. She isn't dead, she isn't dead, please.

She's not dead, I see her come running towards me. I embrace her. And then I notice that she's bleeding violently from her arm, and she has blood on her face.

"Clove", I say and start to lead her back to our camp. "What happened?"

"The girl from 12", she says. "It was very close this time, but I killed her anyway".

"Yes, but you don't wander around alone, anymore", I say protective. "Do you hear that?"

"Oh Cato, it's just those twins from 11 left", she says dismissively just as we arrive to the camp. "But what have you done with him, beat him unconscious?"

Trevor is still asleep, and now I see that he's drooling.

"Nope, he fell asleep by himself", I laugh. "Isn't he just adorable, with the drooling and everything?"

Clove giggles

I wash and wrap Cloves wound. She washes her face with a few drops of water and then I see that the blood she had on her face, wasen't her own.

We sit beside the sleeping Trevor.

I caress Clove on her stomach, were our child is. She puts her hand on top of mine and I kiss her.

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