Chapter 26

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Chapter 26


Pregnent! Pregnant! Impossible. What the hell, how could this happen? And then I remember.

I put myself in this situation, but that dosen't stop me from being afraid, I'm sixteen years old for crying out loud! How could I be a mother? Addition, I'm in the middle of the Hunger Games, what if I die? Then the baby will die as well.

I put my hand on my forehead. I feel cold and I find myself shaking.

Cato raises his hand to me. I curl up and put my hand to my face for protection, ready for him to beat me. But he dosen't. Instead he puts his arm around me and pulls me close to him and then soundless tears runs down from my eyes on his jacket.

"No hazard Clove", he whispers to me so that only I can hear. "You will be able to do this, you're strong enough".

"I doubt it", I whisper back. "But I hope so, just you don't disappear".

"I promise you, I'm not going anywhere", he says and kisses me.

We continuing the hunt for the other players.

Me and Iza gose quiet a bit behind the boys.

I want to say something to Iza but I don't know what to say. She knowes that I will do everything to bring my child home.

"Clove?" Iza whispers. "Yeah?" "I'm goingvto do everything I can to bring you and the baby home, just so you know", Iza says. "A little baby can't die in here at the arena".

"Fetus so far", I say, taken aback by what Iza says.

She basically says that she is going to jump in front of me and a spear if she must.

"You know what I mean", Iza said weak, as if she just now realized her own death warrant, but also that she has accepted it.

"Yes I do, but you can't do that", I say quietly. "You kill yourself if you say it like that". "I know".

I stop and embraces her. She accepts my hug. 

"You know, you really are my first friend", I say smiling.

"Too bad I'm going to die then", Iza jokes as we continue to move forward after the guys.

"Stop", I say.

She shrugs.

"As you wish", she says.

"Trevor knows?" I ask.

Iza nods.

"But he dose it mostly because he has a little crush on you", she says and giggles. "But don't tell Cato, Trevor is a little afraid of him, as you might imagine".

I can't keep myself from laughing. The whole thing, with the baby and all, is so absurd that I can't stand it. I laugh like a lunatic. Iza shakes her head as if I had lost it, and who knows, maybe I have.

"You're crazy, you know that?" Iza said, and smiles.


But now I feel something splashing on my face.

I feel with the hand. I'm red on my fingers. Blood.

I see Izas smile fade away and she falls to the ground with a spear in her head. I turn around. The girl from 7, gets ready to throw a second spear on me.

She throws it but I duck away and throw my ten knives at her and she falls to the ground.

I'll take the spear and walk up to her. She isen't dead.


"You killed Iza", I yell and and spit her in her face before I lace her with her own spear.

I feel the tears flow from my eyes when I understand the meaning of my own words. Iza is dead.

I turn back and see Cato and Trevor.

Cato standing beside Trevor with tense jaws and Trevor kneels beside Iza and crying.

Cato opens his arms, only meant for me and I go without hesitation into his arms. He hus me tight while I try to close out Trevor's crying.

"Iza, no, Iza", he cries while I and Cato stand there and says nothing.

I had opened Catos jacket and stopped my face into it, so no one can se me cry, I want to do that alone, but it dosen't work with all the cameras, so Catos jacket was my only option.

After Trevor stood up, I bent down.

"Goodbye Iza", I say. "Thank you for choosing to be my friend during these weeks".

Then I throw myself into Cato's arma again. But then we starts to move on, to let the hovercraft pick up the bodies.

"You know, I had known her all my life, we basically grew up together, she was like a sister to me", Trevor said sadly.

I don't know what to say, so I just hug him. He starts to cry again.

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