Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


Clove jumps up in my arms and presses her lips to mine again.

Iza and Trevor disappears, the arena disappears. Everything around me disappears, except Clove.

I shove us toward a tree and leans Clove against it.

The only thing that makes us jump apart is a spear thrown over our heads end it got stuck in the tree.

"Trevor!" I yell and turn around.

And right then I see Trevor impale a guy, maybe from District 8. Then I realize that it was the guy who must have thrown the spear and didn't see Trevor or Iza before throwing it

"Let that be a lesson to those of you who interrupts a kiss between two careerists", Clove growls to the dead corpse before we go away to let the hovercraft pick up the body.

Iza laughs and puts an arm around her shoulders as we go.

"Well said girl", she laughs and the do a high five.

Since when are those two best friends?

I hold my sword in front of me in the hope that we'll run into someone to kill. But no one comes, so we decide to go hunting.

Several days go by and we manages to kill just the girl from 3 and the girl from 5.

I must have been wrong, I thought the woods would be small if they divided up the arena with half woods and half quicksand.

My mood is getting bad and the others is getting restless.

But something that occupies my attention is Clove. She has been a little out of sorts ever since yesturday.

She have had two angry outbursts whereupon she immediatley lights up like the sun afterwards without the slightest trace of anger and also, she cries for absolutely nothing.

When Trevor asked her why she was crying, she replied simply: "I don't know, but I can't stop myself".

We hade walked all day. Trevor sighs.

"Shall we stay here and rest for a while?" he asks.

"And why should we?" Clove asks furiously.

Oh no, here we go again.

"We haven't killed anyone today, I'm not happy about that, are you?" she screams, and Trevor back away.

"No, no I just..." Trevor starts but Clove interrupts him.

"You're just lazy, that's what you are", she yells. "And you don't want to hunt".

"No hey you", Iza says. "He didn't say that".

"I know, I'm sorry", Clove cries suddenly.

I sigh and keep myself from laughing. It really isn't the time to laugh, because I don't know what happens with Clove. Honestly, I'm getting worried.

"Sorry Trevor, we can stay here", Clove cries.

"Okey thanks", Trevor said.

"Oh good", Clove said happily, all the tears are gone from her face.

"You have to take it easy girl", Iza says. "What the hell is going on with you anyway?"

"I don't know", Clove said thoughtfully. "Maybe I ate some berries or anything that has caused my mood to be like this".

"Berries?" I laugh.

"I don't know", Clove laughs. "But as long as YOU don't think that I'm a pain in the ass, I feel good no matter what mood is like".

"Come here, you", I whisper to her and spread out my arms.

Clove gose straight into my arms and cuddles into my chest.

Something ends up at our feet. We look down. It's a perachute.

Clove bents down and opens it. She takes out a stick from it, or... no, not a stick? What is it? It's like a plastic stick. There was a small note with. Clove reads it aloud.

"The inhabitants of the Capital has spoken, they require you do the test, it's easy, you'll just pee on it and then after a few minutes we'll know if..." she stops reading and turns white in the face.

She lumps together the note in her hand.

"Impossible", she mutters.

"What?" Iza asking.

"Nothing", she looks as if she is going to faint.

I take the paper from her.

"Cato NO", she screams terrified and tries to snatch the paper back.

I'm beginning to unfold the paper.

"You can't read that, please, you're going to hate me, you're going to kill me, you can't, please", she begs. "You're going to hate me, DON'T READ THAT".

But I do. Aloud.

"...we'll know if you're pregnant -Adam and Skylie. PS: '+' means you are", I read without reacting to what I just read aloud.

When I hear Iza gasp and Trevor whistling nervously, I get it. And that's when I become unsteady on my feet.

"Take the test", I say. "We need to know".

"No I won't, what if it's possitive? You're going to hate me", Clove cries

"No baby, I won't", I say and embraces her. "Take the test now, babe".

"Okey", she says hollow.

She walks away behind some bushes and soon appear again. She has the test in her hand.

We put the test on a stone and all four sit in a circle around it, while we impatiently waiting for a response.

And then it comes. +.

"+", Iza shout.

It feels like the grund beneath me raging.

Clove is pregnant.

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