Chapter 24

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Chapter 24


Yesturday thirteen people were killed.

The boy from 3, both from 4, we killed them, the boy from 5, both from 6, the boy from 7, the girl from 8, both from 9, both from 10 and the boy from 12.

Of those we killed at least seven people, a little badly done by us, but we had to take as much as possible. So today we're going hunting.

But we split up.

I go with Iza and Cato gose along with Trevor.

I walk through the trees, I go on tiptoe. I keep my knives close to my body in the order to get as much power as possible.

"So have you done it?" Iza asking.

"Huh?" I turn around and look at her.

She has a shrewd expression on her face, but still curious and sweet.

"You and Cato?" she asks.

"What kind of something?" I ask.

"You know... it!?" she says.

And then I get it. I sincerely hope that I don't get red cheeks.

"What have you to do with it?" I hiss. "If we have done it or not, it's our own business".

"So you have done it", she says, and a grin spreads on her face.

"I didn't say that", I say and desperately seeking in my memory. Or did I?

"No, but you could just as easily have done", she says. "You should see your face, but calm down, your secret is safe with me".

Yeah of course, and all the inhabitants of Panem.

"Okay", I say and continue walking.

Iza comes and gose next to me.

"You know, anyone could tell he likes you", she says.

"Oh shut up and look out", I say, but I can't stop myself from smiling.

Iza laughs when she sees it and puts an arm around my shoulders and we continue walking forward.

I've never had a girlfriend, actually no friends at all. It feels both strange and good to have someone to share things with. And suddenly I become very aware that Iza has to die if Cato and me are going to win. I feel a stab in my heart. But I have to beat it out of my head.

When we get back to our camp, the guys is not back yet. Oh no, what could have happened?

Something cold rushing through my body. Cato. I can feel the panic start to rise within me, but I stick to seemingly calm.

"Clove, they are going to come back", Iza says, she must see the panic in my eyes. "We haven't heard any cannon shots, so they're not dead".

Oh yes, I completely forgot.

"Yeah I know", I say in a calm voice.

Iza shakes her head while she grins.

Someone flings their arms around me and I chop the attacker on his arm.

"Ouch!" I hear someone sigh."Ouch Clove!?"

I turn around horrified and see blood ooze out from Cato's arm. Trevor and Iza starts laughing.

"Shut up", I sputters. "Cato, sorry, sorry, sorry, oh Cato, I that i was an attacker, oh I'm so sorry".

I take the medicine pack and find a bandage. But we have no water.

Trevor tap me on the shoulder had holds up a water bottle fild with water.

"Did you find water?" I ask.

"Yeah we did", Cato says. "We filled a few bottles".

"But you didn't had to stab him, you we're supposed to have water anyway", Trevor laughs.

"It wasen't on purpose", I say despairing. "Cato I'm sorry, sorry, sor..."

"Babe I know, and it bleeds just a little bit", Cato interrupts. "That stab was just to remove, not kill, the killing stab would have come after, right?"

"Well yeah".

"Well then, no harm done", he says cheerfully. "Come on, give me that bandage now".

"But we have to wash first", I insist.

"No we don't", Cato said.

He tied the bandage around his arm and then put both his arms around me again.

"Aren't you going to chop him now Clove?" Iza asking.

"No I won't", I answered coldly. "I'll do something else".

I presses my lips against Catos lips, and I hear Trevor trick whistling low, but I don't care. I love Cato and I don't care who knows.

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