1. Invisibility

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     September 1st
     Reporting the collection of all knowledge connected to the operation. Agent R. Harris recalls this encounter first before the mission was put into action. Commencement of Agent R. Harris’s experience begins here.

     1. Invisibility
      Date: September 1st

Every time I think of myself when I was fifteen, I am immediately transported back to that time. My mind starts to form thoughts of its own and my heartbeat quickens and suddenly I can hear voices again.

      I can see myself sitting on my bed with my laptop resting right on top of the pink sheets like it belongs there. The fan above my head blows cool air down on me, but my hair is restricted from blowing into my face by a clip that holds it up.

      There’s no music in the background. I don’t put anything on because I know it’ll mess with my focus, and because if I did put music on, my mom might come in and start begging me to dance with her again.

      On my screen is a document-writing software of some sort – one that has all of the features that can help me get an A on all of my reports in the future. In a corner of the screen the date is displayed in white: September 1, 2012.  My fingers hit the keys quickly and effortlessly, every letter appearing on the screen as I press its button, and before I even realize it I’m four thousand words into my English essay.

      I’m so involved in my writing that the clicking of each button as I press them doesn’t even register in my mind.

      But even then, I can't block out the voices that I hear from where I sit.

      “What’s this I hear about Rachel throwing herself at you in school?”

      My fingers pause on the keyboard and I turn my head to the left so that I can hear more clearly. Aaron’s voice isn’t hushed in the slightest bit, and so I figure there’s no harm in eavesdropping on his conversation.

      “Does she like you or something?” my brother casually inquires.

      I snort, knowing better than to believe his nonchalant tone. That’s only how he speaks when his words are demanding and he has every intention to knock the living daylights out of whomever he’s speaking to if they say the wrong thing.

      I hold my breath to wait for the answer to his question.

      Another voice responds. “How’d you hear about that?” Kyle asks. My heart sinks a little. He must know then, if he’s avoiding the question.

      “You didn’t answer the question,” Aaron informs his best friend, and there might be a wall between us but I can tell my brother has his eyes narrowed. “What are you hiding? You don’t have a thing for her too, do you?”

      My eyes widen as soon as I hear the words, and I scramble to my feet before I even realize what I’m doing. My feet move on their own account and before I know it I’m standing in front of my bedroom door. With one hand on the doorknob I pause. I think back to earlier in the day.

          .         .          .

      I made the mistake of walking to school. I knew it was a mistake once I arrived; a moist bead of perspiration trailed down my forehead and onto my cheek. I paused and tried to adjust my plain t-shirt into a cooler position, but it didn’t help.

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