WEBYS - Chapter Six

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::With Every Breath You Stole::

Chapter Six:

A brief huff of air left Autumn's lips as she stared at her unchanging reflection. She ran her fingers faintly down the right side of her face, inwardly cringing at the scars that resided there.

She softly closed her eyes, and several seconds passed by before she found the courage to open them again.

"Why am I doing this to myself?" She mumbled at her mirrored self.

It gave her no reply, only silently mimicked her movements.

Shaking her head, she pulled away from the mirror.

She didn't need this today.

She was over this.

She glanced down at her watch.

And she was going to be late for work.

Yelling her goodbyes into what was most probably an empty apartment she didn't wait to see if she got a reply before she shut and locked the door behind her.

All the way on the drive to work Autumn kept repeating two words to herself.

Be civil. Be civil. Be civil.

She could do this. Blasting her radio to the highest volume she allowed it to drown out all her other thoughts, leaving her drumming her fingers against the steering wheel and belting out off key lyrics.

By the time she pulled up into her parking space she felt far better.

She didn't even realise she was smiling to herself until she heard a second pair of footsteps fall into time with her own.

"Well you look happy." Luke's familiar voice asked her, accompanied by a small chuckle. "Have you been listening to Shania Twain again?"

Autumn felt herself laughing too. "Maybe." She turned to Luke. "Her music is therapeutic."

Shaking his head Luke reached forward to ruffle Autumn's hair, making her smile fall away into an annoyed pout. "Hey!" She whined. "You know I hate it when you do that. Jerk."

Nothing made her feel like a kid more than when Luke basically petted her head like she was a dog.

"Tut-tut." Luke wagged his finger at her. "That's no way to talk to your superior."

Autumn narrowed her eyes. "I have a much more colourful vocabulary if you would like me to reach into that instead."

"Better not, you'd set a bad example for the kids." He said putting both his hands in his pockets. "Anyway I have a couple of phone calls to make, try not to cause trouble whilst I'm gone."

She rolled her eye, watching after Luke as he walked away.

She was relieved that they had been able to go back to being friends after everything.

It would suck if they couldn't talk like they always had before.

Reaching up to fix her hair she made her way to the building intending to find Brita and help her with any set up needed. But Brita wasn't the first person she ran into – it was Wesley.

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