"How could he do this to me?" Gabrielle sobbed as she buried her face in her hands. Nick watched as his best friend of twenty-eight years heart break into a thousand pieces. He had never seen her so vulnerable and beautiful at the same time. Dressed in her Vera Wang wedding gown and her dark brown hair cascading around her face, she looked like an angel sitting on a cloud as the skirt of the dress flooded around her.

"Derek is an idiot for leaving you like this," Nick finally said as he handed her a tissue.

"I-I-I should have known... something like this would happen....everything was too damn perfect... even Derek was... just perfect," Gabrielle said in-between sobs as she wiped her eyes leaving behind a glob of eyeliner and mascara.

"I need a drink."  she stood up and headed for the mini bar, her train trailing behind her. Gabrielle picked up the bottle of champagne that she was supposed to share with her new husband. Nick watched as she fiddled with top, aggravation set in quickly and she abruptly handed Nick the bottle. Nick opened the bottle and poured two glasses. Gaby was ready to chug down the champagne, but Nick stopped her.

"This is the good stuff; we need to make a toast." Nick said trying to find some way to lighten up the mood.

"I'm stuck in a Las Vegas Sheraton honeymoon suite with my best friend, in my eight thousand dollar Vera Wang wedding dress,  my face swollen from crying for the past three hours all because my fiancé decided he didn't want to get married today. What is there to toast to?" she asked tossing her bang back from her face.

"How about we toast to the future, which I know for you, will always be promising even without a husband." He said with a slight smile.

"Oh what the hell. To the future." Gabrielle said as they clinked their glasses together.

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