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hey guys I might have a very very big disclaimer and I'm rlly sorry for having to put this up. So recently school started and I don't rlly have time to complete all of your request and I didn't rlly want you guys to wait that long so I tried to complete as many as I can but it just gets confusing every time having so many imagines to be completed so I have a new disclaimer and that is I would accept request during my holidays so I would have the time to write for you guys and when it reaches the end of the holiday I will close all request and decline all the ones that are sent to me. due to fact that there is so many that's accumulated during the holiday I will only do those that I haven't finish on my current holiday and do it for my next. so if I update during my school days it's probably not gonna be any of you guys request and my own idea on stuff. you guys are very creative when it comes with your ideas but I can't think of anything that is rlly rlly good that I want to write for you guys. I just wanted to put up this disclaimer for you guys. so as for the current imagines I have I will only resume to doing it on my next holiday. sorry for the long wait. & hope you guys understand.

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