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Pen Your Pride


"Mommy! The grass looks so soft! Can I play in it?" A daughter asked.

"Go ahead, sweetheart." Replied the mother.

The 4 year old ran past the gates and into the front lawn of the house. She squealed with happiness as the long blades of grass brushed up against her ankles that were exposed because of the summer dress she was wearing.

Running around in circles, the blonde girl's laughter filled the atmosphere with such joy. Something the house lacked.

"The grass is tickling me, mommy!" She screamed to her mother, who was on the porch, in between her fits of giggles.

"Come on, sweetie. It's getting cold and I have to start dinner! I need the help of my trusty sous chef!" Replied the mother.

The little girl ran past her mother and into the house. She stopped and looked around. Mezmorized by how everything looked so big and beautiful.

She looked up at the grand staircase to see a teenaged boy staring down at her. He had semi-long curly blonde hair. He was dressed in a stripped green sweater, dark blue ripped jeans, and black convers. She was too far away to see his eyes; but she was able to see his face. He looks sad, lonely.

She smiled at him and waved. The teenaged boy cracked a small smile and waved back at her.

"Who are you waving at, sweetie?" The mother came in the house, placing her hand on her daughter's shoulder.

The teenaged boy pressed his pointer finger against his lips then proceeded to pretend to zip his lips and lock it.

The little girl smiled brightly and looked up at her mother. "Nothing mommy. I really like it here!"

The mother looked up at the staircase and then down at her daughter "I'm glad, sweetie. I know moving is hard, but we'll make the best out of it! Now, lets go get dinner started!"

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