Chapter One

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"Look what I've found, Scully. Liza Woods." Mulder says, dropping a file of papers onto his desk.

"Let me guess, vampires or demons? Oh, I know! It's a real life Frankenstein isn't it?" Scully says sarcastically. She hasn't had a nice, puzzling case in weeks.

"Not quite. That was last month." Mulder quips, passing her the file.

Scully flips through it for a minute, reading quickly. Liza Woods, 29, worked at home -Daytona, Florida - as a computer programmer.

"Suicide?" Scully double checks. "Mulder, I know you've been desperate for a case, but this is no X File."

Mulder opens up a new bag of sunflower seeds from his not so secret stash.

"She had been trying to escape the house. She had tried to smash windows, break through the wall, and even tear up the floor." Mulder crunches through his snack as he speaks.

"Was she being held captive?" Scully asks, looking at pictures of Liza's house.

"See, that's the interesting part. She could leave whenever she wanted. The next door neighbors reported it when they could smell something strange, and she hadn't been out in weeks. Police showed up and the door was wide open." Mulder says while checking his notes.

"Maybe she had some sort of mental illness? She could have had schizophrenia, or been addicted to hallucinogen." Scully lists possible reasons.

"Nothing. Her toxicology report was absolutely healthy. She was just a normal woman." Mulder states.

"I see your point." Scully reaches over to grab a few sunflower seeds. She hasn't had lunch yet.

"Great. We leave tomorrow!" Mulder exclaimed.

"Alright. Before we go, I would like to know if you have any theories. Personally, I'm sticking by schizophrenia, or a different type of mental illness." Scully stands. She needs to go grab her pre-packed suitcase before they go.

Mulder opens his mouth.

"And if you say extraterrestrials, I might smack you."

An X Files Fanfic! I've always wanted to do this, but I was never sure on how to get their characters right. I decided to just go for it, and see what happens.

Peace out :)

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