Chapter 17

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To say she changed would be an understatement. She was different whether it was her attitude or the way she smiled. We had sat there watching movies until Mary said we should be getting even if there wasn't any training tomorrow.

"Do you need any help?" I asked Mary

"No. I'm fine, but you should get to bed Dylan." She said not even turning to look at me

She stood there putting the movies back on the shelves. When she finished she stood up and was about to leave when I said" l-look Mary I'm really..."

"Don't.... Don't even say you're sorry or that you wish things could have been different, because we both know you're not fully sorry and you pity me which I hate. You think that since I've changed I may easily forgive and forget about the past." She said emotionless

I looked towards the ground not knowing how to reply or if I should even try. She was right in a way I was sorry, but there was just this piece of me that wouldn't let go of the past .

"Don't forget your declaration," she said finally looking at me "if I recall it you said and I quote 'I will make you feel my pain ten times worse for the rest of your life."

I was stunned that she had remembered what I said so long ago. I regret that I said something like that to her. I looked up to her eyes and saw no emotion just a void of the color brown that used to sparkle every time she saw me no matter how I acted towards her. With out waiting for my reply she walked out leaving me to my own memories...


I walked up the steps just coming home from my best friend Jake's house. We had been playing video games then decided to go hang out with a few other friends.

I should probably be feeling guilty that I left my little sister home when I promised my parents I would take her to the park, but I didn't care.

I knew I would be yelled at because instead of playing with her I decided to hang out with my friends. I looked up to see my little sister sitting on the porch with a soccer ball in her hands.

I was shocked that she waited outside and even more shocked when she ran up to me and hugged me. After a few minutes I finally snapped back and shoved causing her to fall to the floor. I saw the hurt in her eyes and tears appear, but before the could fall she blinked them back and smile.

"I thought maybe if you showed me how to play a game you liked you wouldn't get bored." She said nervously

"Look I don't care what you think, but just the thought of having to waste my time with you makes me shutter in disgust." I replied harshly

"I'm sorry if I'm causing you trouble I-I...."she stuttered

"Look you don't just cause trouble you are trouble. Why would anyone want to hang out with you in the first place and if you tell dad I swear..."

"I promise I won't tell dad besides what you said is the truth. I don't know how to play any fun games so maybe if I learn how to play them then you will want to play with me." She said standing up

"You don't get it! I don't like you actually I HATE YOU and will always hate you so get it through your thick skull that nobody wants you here" I snarled pushing here out of the way and opening the door

"Hey your home... Wait where's your sister?" My mom asked coming downstairs

"You better have taken her..,"my dad said before he was interrupted by the front door opening

"Right here dad! We had plenty of fun today at the park." My sister laughed running up and hugging dad

"Did you now?" He chuckled looking at me

"I'm going upstairs see you in the morning." I said walking off before they could reply


"Honey can I come in?" My mom knocked

"It's not my house is it." I said rolling my eyes

"I know your sister may be younger than you and I get how that can be ruff especially if your a boy. Your fun is probably different from her fun, but could you at least..."

"No." I cut her off shaking my head

"Last I checked she wasn't my kid, so why should I even care for her. You guys had her so it should be you who puts up with her not me."

"You will not disrespect your mom like that! She is your younger sister and should be treated like one!" My dad said coming in

"She is no sister of mine! I hate her!" I yelled clenching my hands

"You will not talk to me like that! I'm your father and I say what goes.."


My father growled and started to shake, but what scared me the most was the color of his eyes. I started to shake from fear. My mom grabbed my dads face making him look at her.

His eyes turned back to there normal green. He sighed shaking his head in disappointment before he walked out not looking back.

My mom looked at me still letting tears fall" I can't believe what you've said, your sister has defended you, bragged, and did everything she possibly could to get you to treat her like the other brothers treat their sisters. Do you know that she cried herself to sleep praying to god that tomorrow be a better day and for her brother to smile to her like he does in the pictures she's seen." My mom wiped her tears and was about to leave when she said "We still love you even after what you did. We will always love you."

She hesitated before finally leaving and shutting the door. I scoffed laying back down whatever.

"I still hate you." I said knowing they could hear

********FLASHBACK OVER*********

With my back against the wall I slid to the floor trying to hold back the sobs. Unable to hold them back the tears fell down my cheek.

I soon gave up letting the sobs fill the room. I was that cruel to my parents and my little sister who I should have taken care of instead of blamed her. It was the only thing I could do to make myself feel better at the time.

My parents died the next day and the last thing I told them was I hate you. I felt so guilty... Hell I still do, but that still doesn't excuse how I decided to treat her. That day I made my choice and that was to put her through as much misery as I could so that way I would feel better .



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