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Anaya's P.O.V
My life was going the same.I had nothing to do.I had no one to talk.Aasiya used to come every week to meet me but I never went to her home.

My whole world was my room. I spent my whole day in my room. For very few time,I came out of the room. I ate my dinner and lunch in my room while I did my breakfast with Ama g (grandma) in her room.

I was looking at the lawn from my room window when my taayi ami entered my room.

"Anaya,look what I brought for you." She said and I turn to her.

She was holding a big round tray which was covered with a red cloth.
I went near to her and looked at the tray questioningly.

"What is this taayi Ami?" I asked and she smiled.

She put that tray on the bed and remove the cloth from it.I saw there was beautiful pink coloured dress kept which had some white pearls and golden embroidery on it. There were also the matching bangles and jewellery were placed with dress.

"You like it?" Taayi Ami asked looking at me and I nodded smilingly.

"So don't waste your time.get ready." Taayi Ami said excitedly.

"But why now?" I asked.

"Surprise.Get ready fast." Taayi Ami said and I didn't get her.why I should wear all these all of sudden.

"Go, get ready." Taayi Ami put that dress in my hands and push me in the dressing room.

"I'll be back.You get ready fast." Taayi Ami yelled from outside and I was shocked,standing in the dressing room.

I thought for a moment and start getting ready.I wore that dress and came out of the dressing room.

I was combing my hair when Taayi Ami entered the room.

"You look pretty Anaya." She said and I smiled. She made me wear bangles and jewellery.

"By the way Taayi Ami,what is this all for?" I asked applying Kohl in my eyes.

"I told you its a surprise." She said and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Okay." I said and turn to her.

Taayi Ami placed dupatta on my head and attach it with my dress.

"Now time to go." She said and I nodded.

Me and Taayi both start walking toward the hall.I was taking slow steps. I was feeling something is wrong.I smell something is fishy.

Mean what is the purpose of making me ready like today is my marriage.

I was in my own thoughts when I and Taayi Ami reached hall.I for a second got shocked because the hall was filled with women.Some girls were dancing and some were singing.I didn't know what to do.

Suddenly I saw some ladies coming toward me.One of them was my phuphu(father's sister).she came near me and hugged me tightly.

I smiled nervously. Some other ladies hugged me also.My phuphu came forward and kissed my forehead. She took me from Taayi ami and made me sit on a sofa.

I was looking around to figure out what was happening.Before I could say anything or to ask,My phuphu looked at my grandma and said.

"With your permission!" She said and I looked at my Ama g and she nodded smilingly.

I was looking all the things happening. I looked up and saw all the young girls and women were standing around.

"What is going on?" I asked slowly to Taayi Ami and she didn't answer.

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