Chapter 26: Preparations

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Winter's POV

I stepped back through to my Uncles office to grab a drink as the three men discussed battle plans. I made my way over to the bookshelf on the opposite side to the entrance and spotted a glass container filled with strong liquor. I usually wasn't one to grab an alcoholic drink other than the occasional red wine here and there with dinners- but after everything I had just been told in this set amount of time, I think I could go for somethings little stronger.

I admired the glasses that were displayed among the bookshelf, they looked as if they were apart of a China set but when I moved closer, they started to become more familiar, as if I've seen the set somewhere before.

"They were your mothers." Will spoke up from somewhere behind me as my fingers reached out to touch them hesitantly

"Don't." I whispered quietly, my voice breaking slightly as I felt my emotions overwhelm me.


"Don't apologize. Don't say anything. You have nothing to be sorry for- all it'll do is make me feel like a shittier human being than I already am. I put you through hell when you were already condemned to a life in it, so don't you dare apologize for not being able to handle it anymore." I replied sternly, as I tilted the pitcher and watched the brown liquid spill into my glass.

I didn't hear my uncle answer, but a few seconds later, I felt his arm upon my shoulder. My body initially tensed from the contact, but soon after relaxed into it as my eyes started to drift closed.

What may have seemed like a small act to some, spoke volumes to me. The last time I was even close enough to feel his physical comforts was when my mom was alive, about a decade ago. Now knowing what he personally went through and the loss he had experienced, it really hurt me to know just how much resentment I harbored for him- how black the hate I had held onto for so long, had stained my heart.

I leaned into his touch, savoring the content feeling of just being; feeling all the pain slip away as if it was nothing but a memory between us.

"Whatever happens Winter, I just want to know that I have always loved you. There's nothing that can change that." Will whispered, his hand slipping off my shoulder and instead pulling me into him, rubbing my upper arm comfortingly.

"I love you too, daddy." I whispered back, not being able to filter out the correct label before the words slipped through my lips. His hands stilled for a second before they squeezed my shoulder gently, indicating he had heard me.

We heard a cough from the entrance of the secret room and broke apart to see who it was.

"Sorry to intrude on this loving moment but I think we've figured out a plan." Commander announced, taking the seat beside us.

A bit of a filler chapter, I know I know... I have so much explaining to do it's insane!

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