Mission: Oliver Wood Is A Hunk

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One Shot Contest THE YULE BALL by learmo is today's featured story! Only one more day O.O Woah-time flies! ----> this is what I made with what you described-I hope it's acurrite? xoxo Jess

"Oliver Wood." I snapped my fingers a grin plastered on to my face. "I've got it." Lana looked at me over her book titled: Beautiful Creatures and rose a brow.

"What are you talking about?"

I jumped off my bed, and threw on a long over coat that reached the lower parts of my thigh and my rubber boots that reached mid-calves. "I'm going to the Gryffindor Quidditch practice." 

Lana chuckled and rolled here eyes at me. "What are you blubbering on about? It's been pouring out side for the last four days, the mud is knee deep and you are wearing shorts-you are insane." She rolled off her bed, setting the book aside. "What is so important that you don't even have time for pants?"

"Your date to the Yule Ball-I hate that your just moping around up here. So I'll set something up for you." I threw on a scarf as well, hoping it would make up for wearing shorts.

"No, no blind date." She said flinging herself back on to her mattress with a scowl, dramatically. 

"He's attractive." I assured her. "Plus, he's Scottish-which is better than Irish anyway." With out asking her permission, I just walked out-she was going to thank me for it anyway.

As I made my way out the door, she called out to me. "Bring me some hot chocolate when you get back, Liza!" I flipped her off behind my back and kept going-a smile playing at my lips.

Lana was right...like she always is when it comes to weather. I look my wand out of my rubber boot and flicked it, muttering: Umbrellè. Slowly, the wand grew into a big, red umbrella-it was big enough for two people to fit comfortably, just the way I liked it. I could see the quidditch field from where I was walking-it was a tiny dot on the horizon, and the mud was already sucking at my boots. 

Trudging on, I finally reached it thirty minutes later. The Gryffindor players were still in the air-extremely drenched, but determined. Looking around, I noticed that no one else was here outside of the quidditch team except for me-no surprise there.

Shrugging, I climbed up the slippery, wooden steps and sat down on the drenched bench, shivering as the water soaked through the seat of my pants, but brushed it off, preparing to wait for them to finish, listening to the rain patter against my umbrella.

Fred's PoV:

"Eh, George-do you see that?" I called, squinting through the rain and pointing at a bright red umbrella sitting on the bench on the field.

George flew closer to me, and squinted. "Yeah-wonder what they're doin' in weather like this."

Oliver heard us talking instead of practicing and made his way over. "Look, gents, we are going to win this one! And in order for us to do that is if we all put in our greatest effort."

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