Out the Hospital

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(Carlos POV)

There really weren't words to describe how amazing she looked, even with casual clothing. She walked towards us smiling.

"Hey guys. Good news, got the band aid off. But the stitches are still visible. It'll take time to grow back. And again. Thank you so much for everything. Without you I wouldn't be here" Natalie said.

"Ugh, Nat, you don't have to thank us for the hundredth time again" I said teasingly. We started to call her Nat. It was her nickname by Stephanie.

"Hey Stephanie, can we have your number until Natalie gets an actual phone so we can contact each other?" asked James. Stephanie's cheeks went red. She was shocked over the fact that James Maslow had asked her for her number.

"Yeah, totally" she gave us her number and we all wrote it down on our phones. We also got the address of Stephanie's dorm where Natalie had finally agreed to stay. Only if no one found out she was living there.

"Well I guess it's goodbye for now then" Natalie said sadly. And to my surprise she came up to me and gave me a big friendly hug. My whole brain stopped working for a minute. Her head resting on my shoulder where I could smell her sweet hair and perfume. But it only lasted a couple seconds. She hugged everyone of us in goodbye.

(Logan POV)

I was the last one she hugged and I won't lie. I really felt like each of by body organ was hit by an electric jolt, each crawling down my veins and slowly spreading warmth all over me. And then it was over.

"I really do wish you guys can come over to our dorm soon. It was amazing meeting you guys and I really don't know how thank-"

"We get it" We all said in unison. She laughed again. Oh god. She needs to stop doing that. It's losing my ability to think.

"Okay its really goodbye then" she said. While Stephanie was carrying her stuff, or what was left of it, Natalie walked to Stephanie's car, sitting in the passengers seat. We all went in our cars heading home.

*4 weeks later*

(Natalie POV)

The bell rang. It was the last class for today. As I put my stuff in my bag, a guy came up to me. Chris Piver. He was probably ranged #1 in popularity and was immensely cute.

"Uh hi... Natalie" he said

"Oh, hey. Do you need anything?" I asked, not sure what he was doing here.

"Oh no, I just wanted to say that I heard what happened at your house and everything, and if you ever need to talk about anything.... I'm always here" He did a cute half smile. I thought I didnt hear him right. Cause it really sounded kind of flirty.

"Um. Thanks" I said confused.

"No problem" and he walked away. I went out of the classroom heading towards the free campus bus. It dropped me off in the third stop near campus B. I went to the third building on the right and took the elevator to the fourth floor. I got my key out and unlocked room #423.

"Hello yellow jello" said Steph

"Ollo" I answered. Yea, that's how we greet each other. I went to my bed and put my stuff down.

"So erm, how was your day today" she asked.

"Good. Oh hey guess what happened in Calculus 3. Chris Piver came up to me....." I told her about everything that happened.

"WHAT?! Chris Piver? Like THE Chris Piver? At our college? Came up to you? And talked to you? Wow. You must really be popular now" she said

"How so?" I ask.

"People found out about the whole you meeting Big Time Rush thing. So now all the boys are crazy for you and the girls are all jealous. Don't you feel amazing?!" she exclaimed.

"Yea... I do" I smiled at the thought of them. I felt a buzz in my pocket. I pulled out my phone that I had bought. It was a text from Kendall.

Hey, you busy right now?

No sir. How may I help you.

Haha XD. No I was just wondering if you were busy. I was thinking me and the boys could come over and you know, we all could maybe hangout or something.

Sure! We're not busy at all right now. :)

Great! Be there in a few :D

"Steph, Kendall and the boys are coming over" I told her.

"Omg! I've got to get ready!" I roll my eyes. She cares way to much about how she looks. All I had on was a big black baggy hoodie with skinny jeans and sneaker/boots. My hair was in a tight ponytail and I had on plain bracelets and a watch. Also I had on a long silver chain locket reaching the bottom of my chest with a single red heart on the bottom. It could open to reveal a picture of me and my mother. And of course, I had no makeup on either.

Stephanie on the other hand, took a quick shower, straightened her hair, put on a blue, strapless, way-to-short, skintight dress with matching blue heels. She then went to the bathroom and slammed bright blue eyeshadow on with eyeliner that ended an inch away from her temple. She put on black lip liner with bright red lipstick and put on so much foundation that her face looked like it had been hit with a gallon of flour. It's weird. She wasn't like this before. Oh well, whats the point of asking. She won't answer correctly anyway.

"Steph, calm down. We're just going hanging out, not clubbing or anything" I said. She glared at me.

"You know I never go clubbing. And maybe you should

change too, Nat. That outfit is waaaaaay to casual" she answered.

"And that's just the way I like it" Then we heard a knock at the door. I looked through the peephole and they were there.


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