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The moon was beautiful that night. A perfectly full, white circle in a complete dark sky, with a couple of stars here and there, making it more obvious who the Silver Queen, the Lady in White was. The wind wasn't as cold as it used to be, but for Helena Krischik it was just the way she liked it.

Moonlight rays caressed the whole street that was in front of her house. Looking at it from above, with no one passing by, no cars, no bicyclettes, but alone and by itself was like looking at a photograph, a foreign place she didn't known, something she was not familiar with.

That day had been tiresome, just like always, but at the end of it she could always open her window just a little, feel the cold wind the night gave her and forget about her problems looking at the bright satellite.

The air smelled different that time. It would usually carry the aroma of dust and bad memories, bad words, but instead of it Helena could feel at the tip of her tongue something else, an opposite to what she would find in her nights of rest.

"It's the most beautiful thing in the world," she said, more to herself than to anyone else, watching from the window on her bedroom. The whole house was in silence and all of her family was sleeping as if they were dead.

"I don't think so," was Thoth's answer.

"Why?" she looked at his eyes, also fixed in the moon. Thoth's translucent body always looked amazing under the moonlight, Helena was used to it, but she never got tired of looking at her ghostly friend.

"Because all we know is in this city." He looked at her and saw the confusion in her eyes. "Don't you think that something more beautiful than this could be out there? In another place?"

"Maybe," she said and then looked again at the moon, "but right now, this is what I love."

Helena got lost in the moment for a second. The landscape was perfect, the climate, all was like a dream. She took a deep breath, feeling all around her, but the enchant was broken when she saw Thoth's eyes. He seemed to be sad for some reason, as if there was something he missed, something he was hiding, but she couldn't guess what it would be.

From all Thoth's body, his black eyes were the most mysterious thing. His sole nature as a ghost made unusual his whole being, everything was strange and new in some way, but his eyes with black circles under them were ridiculously emphasized. The contrast between them and his white skin, his ethereal long brown hair, was beautiful, breathtaking sometimes when the wind played a little, but always surreal.

Sometimes, Thoth seemed so happy and alive, with his eyes filled with an indescribable light, and others he looked sad and depressed, about to cry, for unknown reasons in both cases, just as if Helena looked at a different person depending on his mood. It was weird to say the least, more than what Helena was used to deal with.

Shaking her head to clean her mind from the bothering thoughts, the goth girl remembered herself that there was no use in being worried about what wasn't shared with her, that she had to wait until then, and kept watching the moon, feeling the autumn wind in her skin and the night breathing deeply. Those moments of silent were not as usual as she wanted them to be.

It had been a tough day and Helena needed to recharge herself, fill her body and spirit with some energy. Thoth knew it. It had been like that since ... since she could remember. The sun and its light drained her, slowly, that was for sure, but it did it nonetheless, it made her feel empty, while a moon on her full phase recharged her as nothing else when she most needed it.

If only I could always have one ... She thought.

For just a second, one that came with the power of the thunder, Helena felt Thoth's eyes fixed on her. However, when she moved hers to see her friend, he disappeared.

"Sometimes I don't understand you," Helena sighed, looking at the ground beneath her down the window.


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