Chapter 8: More time with you

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"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH." I screamed and ran to the door. "PLEASE SOMEONE SAVE ME! PLEASE!" I hit the door over and over in hopes someone would hear. " Tomoe Chan, what are you doing? You're not thinking in leaving me again, ARE YOU?!" I heard him scream at me. I looked back to see him with his kakugan and kagune out. "You're not thinking of feeding me that are you?" I asked, terrified. " Of course I am, don't worry, it tastes great, besides it only costs you the first time." His creepy smile remains.He's holding the "food" in his hand. Bloody chopped pieces of some organ I can't identify. The blood is droping into the floor. I ran to the bedroom and closed the door but he punches a hole in the door and rips it out. "Tomoe Chan, I'm really not liking your behavior right now, so could please eat your breakfast?" He said in a low tone, his smile now gone." You''re crazy!!! There's no way i'm going to eat that!!" I screamed. " I see. I'll just make you eat it them. I even cutted them for your fragile teeth." He walked towards me as I stepped back towards the wall. "It's alright Tomoe Chan." I reached the wall and in an act of desesperation I got on the bed and crawled under the blankets. "Come out Tomoe." He said in a low, scary tone. "No, please no, I don't wanna." I chanted. After two minutes, he used his kagune to rip the blankets off me. Suddenly I heard something crack and my leg was grabbed and lifted in the air. I was hanging in the air upside down, only to be throwed against the wall. My throat was grabbed and a piece of that horrible thing put agaisnt my mouth. " Eat." He said. I tried to motion my head to say no but his strengh in my throat didn't let me. He pushed further against my mouth again. " Eat!" He said angry. I stood motionless except for my endless shaking. "I see." He whispered. Two of his tentacles grabbed my legs and squeezed them in a great pain, making me scream again. He took this chance and shoved the "food" in my mouth. He let me go and I fell on the ground. He turned around and started to walk away. I spit the "food" and it accidentally hit Kaneki's back neck. He slowly turned around his eye black and red, shaking in pure rage. He cracked his knuckles. "I swear it was an accident, I swear, I'm so sorry!" He walked to me and grabbed my throat and dragged me to the kitchen. I tried to claw at the hand but it had no effect. He throwed me against a wall. " Don't you understand? I'm trying to protect you over here and you still insult me? I see that punishment wasn't enough eh? I think I have the right to spend more time with you, don't you think?" He screams. Before I even have the time to recover, he grabs my hair and slams my head against the floor. He spins me around and pins me down, using one of his tentacles to pin my hands above my head. By now my body is covered in cuts and my own blood, especially on my face, legs and back. I can barely talk. He opened my mouth with his hands and grabbed a piece with a tentacle. "Just taste it Tomoe Chan." His sweet voice was back. He put a piece in my mouth and immediatelly closed it. I tried to fight it, but he was too strong. It tasted awful. He kept my mouth closed. "Does it taste good Tomoe Chan? It tastes sweet doesn't it?" He said in his sweet voice. I inevitably swallowed. He let go. "Was it that hard?" He asked, smilling. "However, it seems I need to punish you." I fainted shortly after.

No,this is wrong. Because there is someone that can get hurt. Me. I need to get out of here before he forces me to eat...that...again or worse. He actually kills me.

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