Chapter 13

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"Let's go for a walk," Em sighed.

As much as Yuzuru was a great person to talk to and all, she was still bored, being shut in the room.

"Um, okay," came from Yuzu while she heard some shuffling from the other side.

Em put on her slippers, and turned around - Yuzuru was struggling to stand, hopping on one leg.

It was then that she noticed his wrapped ankle.

"Oh my god bad suggestion bad suggestion, I'm such an idiot okay, okay, um, don't move, sit down, I'll go get something," she said, unplugging her IV tap with a smooth flick of her hand.

Sometimes she wondered: with all her experience in this hospital, she should be allowed to work here part time.

She got an adult wheelchair from the main nurse station (paediatric, she decided, was way too small).

Yuzuru was patiently sitting on the side of his bed when she returned, and she helped him up, hobbling to the wheelchair together, her facing the other way so that Yuzu wouldn't see her blush.

When he was finally settled in the wheelchair, he thanked Em and blushed a bright pinkish hue.


"You know, the daisies here are beautiful," Em commented, pushing the wheelchair along.

"Yeah, they are," Yuzuru pointed at a small purple weed on the side.

"My friend, this is called a lavender."


"Yeah, you gumbie,"


"How did the accident happen? I mean, I'm sorry but if you don't mind, you know,"

Yuzu took a deep breath.

"I really didn't see him coming. I swear. Um, my friend was driving and I was in shotgun, and he wasn't used to driving on the other side of the road, so yeah. He's alright though," he lied, brushing his fingers through his hair.

"Did it hurt a lot?" Em stopped for a while, and she sounded like she was winded.

"I blacked out for a moment. And at the moment, when I woke up in pain, all I wanted to do was to just cry," he mumbled.

God, the pain he went through.

All the media poking and prodding him like some specimen.

And all the federation officers arguing.

He wasn't sure if they truly were concerned about his health, or the media coverage, and the gold medals that he was supposed to bring to the country.

In the span of a day, he understood what his worth was.

"You there? We're back. Doc wants to run another scan," she gently reminded him.

"Oh um, yeah. Sorry, zoned out."


And even after he was discharged, Yuzuru was visibly shaken.

His Mother could see it.

Javi could see it.

Nam could see it.

Brian, as well.

He knew, too, from the way that he got small looks from his friends whenever he fell on another jump.

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