Chapter 20

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Stealing Hearts 7/12/13

Chapter 20 (3308 words!)

Author’s POV






It was around five thirty when Paul Higgins got the call. He was just having a dream about how nice it would be if Allison could come on tour with One Direction. He rubs his face picking up the phone as if he had been awake.

“Hello?” He asks, curiosity on who the hell was calling him this early. He didn’t even bother checking the caller I.D thinking that it would either be one of the boys, Simon, or his wife.

“Is this Mr. Paul Higgins?” A soft voice cracks through the receiver. Paul pulls the phone away from his ear checking to see who is calling. St. Mary’s Hospital showed up on the screen, the same hospital that Allison and her sister, Ashley, happened to be staying at.

“Yes this is he. How can I help you?” He asks getting a little worried. Allison said she would call if she was in unbearable pain.

“This is St. Mary’s Hospital, I’ve been told to call you regarding, urm Allison Carter?” His eyes go wide jumping out of the bed getting dressed in his day clothes. Doesn’t matter what has happen he is going down there to the hospital.

“What has happen?” Nerves run through his body, thoughts running through his mind miles and hour.

“Well, you see….” The lady says leading off the sentence.

“C’mon, what happened?” He states getting angry with the woman. He pulls the shirt over his head, sliding it into place. He pulls up his pants in a hurry buttoning them up.

“She’s been kidnapped.” Paul stops what he’s doing, and just stands there wide eyed in shock. He drops the phone to the floor making it disconnect from the woman. He grabs the phone off the floor, the car keys and runs out the door. He runs to the elevator in a hurry ignoring how he really should tell Niall about what’s happening.

By the time he gets to the hospital, his stomach has grown in his throat. Police cars surround the hospital in hopes to search for some sort of clue. Police dogs were in the wood sniffing for some kind of sent. Paul runs to the hospital doors, which happened to be guarded by two officers.

“Name and reason you’re here?” One guards asks with no emotion what so ever.

“Paul Higgins, I was called her on the behalf of Allison Carter.” The guards look up once her name is said. They let the broken man through letting another officer take him up to the first floor where her room is.

“Paul!” Ashley screams down the hallway. She runs straight into his arms, letting Paul engulf her into the hug. People passing gave her the same pity looks she’s been receiving all morning. Her eyes were blood shot, with tears constantly streaming down her face.

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